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April 11, 2010

Our lilac is in bloom and the smell is wafting in the back of the yard.

As You Like It w/ Helen Mirren is in the Netflix envelope on top of the TV.

The Runaways is playing at the local theatre.

We’re having a mini Chuck-a-thon because Chuck + Sarah are finally together + I’m occasionally a raging sentimentalist.

This week’s book is 7 Days In The Art World.

And Cartoon Network’s rebooting Scooby Doo.

And it’s the first annual National Robotics Week. Who’s your favorite? And thanks to the @MuseumofRobots for that link.

My new goals are: 1 new Blink Kitty Love episode a month, getting away from the computer more, 2 web comics posted a week once I get a scanner sorted out, finishing my twitter fiction “The Lady Lost” soon, one or two solid Crushing Edge blog posts a week, several ramblings here, and actually getting back into a schedule where I sleep.

And then comes Shakespeare. This week I have to write my come audition and help create a kick ass universe rebalancing Merchant of Venice plea for the newsletter. Auditions are on my birthday. Dear universe, please send me a Bassiano and an Antonio to match the Portia and Shylock I hope are already in the pipeline. #merven

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