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April 26, 2010

The first blooms on my rosebush are about to pop, but tonight they looked wet and cold. Rain and a March-like April’ll do that to you.

Cheerier Notes:

Quick TV reviews:

Good Luck, Charlie, the new Disney Channel show, is pretty solid. Good laughs, good performances and no, I’m not really biased by the fact that I was landed w/ a baby brother when I was 15.

Sonny With A Chance has taken a wrong turn at let’s get Demi Lovato singing, which is a shame. Because I like Demi Lovato the rock star and Sonny the TV sketch comic, but not the combination.

Caught the iCarly with Sam entering a beauty pageant. Very funny stuff, again.

What else?

Thanks to Kristyn Burtt of The Web Files for mentioning her Blink Kitty Love cameo in her blog, Red Carpet Closet. Her latest entry is some advice on getting PR for your web show, a problem I’m just starting to mull over. The big vote your Streamy nominees/get yourself a Streamy nomination push at the beginning of the year put me off the web series world a bit. But I’m really enjoying Blink Kitty Love and want to get it the audience it deserves. So I’m thinking.

I’m also thinking about Merchant of Venice (#merven). I had the official pre audition nightmare. It comes in two varieties: 1. I’m underprepared, auditions are in an auditorium or stage I’ve never seen before and/or I haven’t ordered scripts or 2. No one shows up. This year’s was the first kind, with the addition of random tap dancers and rain. The second nightmare is the scarier of the two.

One of the toughest thing about doing a show is the wait before auditions because there’s only so much you can plan. In order to visualize the show, I need actors to slot into parts. Someone surprises me at auditions and then things fall into place around that person. That’s been the pattern for my most successful shows — find the flow and go with it. One year it was the perfect maniacal “pistol him, pistol him” from the soon to be Sir Andrew, another it was a Claudio who was actually young enough to be that stupid, another it was a teenager opening her mouth and Dromio coming out. I don’t plan actors. Partly because I put people together and see what chemistry develops, partly because no matter how often an actor swears they plan to audition, they might just not show up, but mostly because taking actors + Shakespeare and just tossing them together to see what clicks gives me a crazy surfing sensation. When it all comes together, it’s pure joy. When it doesn’t quite click, it’s still an interesting puzzle to work.

Have some I want to make a movie thoughts but I’ll save that for another post. Watch my take on Lewis Carrol instead.

P.S. NBC: renew Chuck already and don’t make them do stupid things for ratings. Thank you.

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