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May 3, 2010

I hate seeing pictures of oil covered birds, seals, etc. The current oil spill off the Louisiana coast may be the worst ever. I’ve been a little surprised at how quiet my part of the Twitterverse has been about this ecological disaster (no text to give groundswell or much comment). So I checked into any charities working in the area and came across this list of organizations looking for volunteers to help with the cleanup.

I’ll be investigating the list to see where time or money can do the most good at helping with the large scale disaster happening to both the human, animal and marine residents of the Gulf Coast. Please consider doing the same.


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  1. The oil spill has been eclipsed by the UK general election for me. I think there is only space in my brain for one big event at once. Now we have a government (of sorts) I can get back to caring about the environment. I’m just not good at multitasking!

    • The general election was a pretty major event. The difference in election systems is fascinating. I am a little envious of the UK’s shorter cycle. It gets so tiring hearing political commercials for most of a year.

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