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May 13, 2010

Late night on the internet catching up on things, watching some favorites and wandering into new possibilities.

I seem to have given up playing WoW (if you don’t know what WoW is, just skip ahead, it’s easier), at least for a while and while I’m having fun with the free Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution app on my iPod (at least I’m having fun when I’m playing Genghis Khan and winning easily, but I can’t seem to crack the Julius Caesar and the Romans strategy — and me with the years of studying Latin, including Caesar in the original). But I’m missing my game time and Zombies vs. Plants hasn’t caught me in its vines yet. But the @blinkkittylove part of the Twitterverse is very excited by the fact that Portal is free (and available for the Mac) until May 24th. So I’m tempted. And reading reviews now.

MTV movie award voting is happening. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are up for Best Kiss and there is a movement to vote Kristen Stewart Global Superstar since she didn’t get nominated for Best Female Performance for The Runaways, just the latest Twilight movie(there is also some grumping about Dakota Fanning’s lack of a nomination, as well). So go ahead, vote if you feel inclined. Or at least watch the darn movie when it comes out on DVD. Or listen to Joan Jett singing well, anything.

Webseries strolling:

Congrats to Movies You May Have Missed on their first anniversary — they demonstrate their sense of humor in the episode honoring the occasion.

The Web Files has come back in style after a two week break. This week’s episode is a great interview with Laurent Touil-Tartour writer and director of Urban Wolf. Touil-Tartour quickly and clearly zings through a mini directing lesson. Worth a view.

The Webventures of Justin and Alden is losing my interest at the midway point. It’s certainly silly and the leads are charming, I would just wish it better plotting, But if you want a carload of inside jokes, they’re your boys.

TV reviews:

Wizards of Waverly Place: the latest 3 part story, with the new wizard, Stevie, was actually pretty good. Good flow, great Harper (which reminds me Jennifer Stone’s movie: Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars wrapped up a little too neatly the parent parts of the story but excellent performances, good physical comedy and bonus: FOOD FIGHT!)

Good Luck Charlie has come out strong with its first five episodes. It’s more of a family ensemble show than many of the others and very physical in its comedy, which I’m a big fan of.

Sonny With a Chance is all over the place, which is a shame. Tiffany Thornton continues to push the Tawni envelope, which all over the place actually gives her the opportunity to do, but they’ve traded a show with heart for a show that has Demi Lovato and the rest of the cast singing (and spoofing) more. I miss the old Sonny.

Have been catching random iCarly episodes. Gibby still very funny and iCarly seems to be back on track. Caught the iCarly Bigfoot episode during Beyond Belief weekend and laughed. Loved the scene where Carly, Freddie, Sam and Spencer were sitting around the living room and kitchen, doing three separate things and paying no attention to each other. That’s a good level of comedy comfort.

True Jackson: want to know how to do a vampire spoof? Watch True Jackson’s Beyond Belief episode. They managed to find an actor who looked like a cross between Robert Pattison and James Marsters and just let the audience laugh at the joke. There’s a True Jackson movie coming up where they end up in Paris (sorry, it’s late and I’m not looking up links) which looks like it might be fun.

Chuck: Last three episodes of Chuck, very solid. Very curious and a little concerned about what’s going to happen next.

Warehouse 13 is filming so I’ve been checking out the SyFy Twitter list of people connected with the show and it sounds like they’re having a blast. It premieres July 6th, I think.

Watched part of the Eureka Mother’s Day marathon and can’t escape the conclusion that it has yet to find its lost sense of whimsy. And a naked Fargo doing a Terminator impression is not the way to sell me on Season 4. But I’m an optimist.

Prince of Persia looks fun. Watched the original Iron Man this week in prep for catching the second installment on the big screen. Nice to have summer movie season roll in.

And they’re draping the Metropolitan Museum of Art in bamboo. Through Oct 31st. I’m trying to work in a visit. I’d love to roam through that.

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