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May 28, 2010

These sum up my opinion:

Here’s where you can email the White House. Please do. No, the government doesn’t have the advanced technology of the oil industry but more pressure needs to be exerted and more help given. This is an appalling tragedy and BP is responsible. The Huffington Post article sited in the first tweet mentions testimony that indicates BP could have prevented the situation:
In a handwritten statement to the Coast Guard obtained by the AP, Transocean rig worker Truitt Crawford said: “I overheard upper management talking saying that BP was taking shortcuts by displacing the well with saltwater instead of mud without sealing the well with cement plugs, this is why it blew out.”

At a Coast Guard hearing in New Orleans, Doug Brown, chief rig mechanic aboard the platform, testified that the trouble began at a meeting hours before the blowout, with a “skirmish” between a BP official and rig workers who did not want to replace heavy drilling fluid in the well with saltwater.

The switch presumably would have allowed the company to remove the fluid and use it for another project, but the seawater would have provided less weight to counteract the surging pressure from the ocean depths.

Brown said the BP official, whom he identified only as the “company man,” overruled the drillers, declaring, “This is how it’s going to be.”

And that’s how it is.

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg had the gall to state in a Financial Times article I read this morning that: BP’s chairman hit back at critics of the company’s response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, insisting that they ought to remember that the group was “big and important” for the US.

Yeah, that’s a great attitude there. If I have any BP stock in 401ks, we’ll be switching. Boycotts of BP products have been suggested, which first came to my attention on Twitter thanks to @grantruby. There’s a Facebook page (actually there are 3, that’s a link to the one with the most members), the real weapon of the modern masses. Join. Mention. Blog. Tweet. Change how you think about what happens in the environment. Pray. Volunteer. Donate*. Email.

And if you want a little oil dark humor between the rage or the tears, there is a fake BP Global PR Twitter account doing excellent work. Mashable interviewed the man behind the tweets (thanks to @kristynburtt for the article tip.)

*Here’s an organization called The Gulf Restoration Network, which has a letter you can email to BP. Found this by clicking through a @BPGlobalPR tweet suggesting President Obama buy a BP Cares shirt from streetgiant. All profits are going to The Gulf Restoration Network.

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  1. AbcAnarchy permalink

    Join the petition to change BP’s name!


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