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June 4, 2010

Well, I have a tacit agreement with @therobscott to speak nothing of sense and include no interesting concepts. Pie is allowed. And suggested. Even diabolical pie. So says Questionable Content. Who doesn’t believe that crew?

So I’m currently watching Amanda Palmer sign off a UStream recording session; the official reason is the band — Blink Kitty Love — is fascinated by her and it’s the fault of @joanjett (not actual Joan Jett but @amandapalmer is one of the 24 people Ms. Jett’s official Twitter account follows and I was recently in Joan Jett mode — it continues, but at a lower level as mode Shakespeare has surged — go team #merven!) Follow @amandapalmer (who seems to have enough energy for three people and five dogs) on Twitter for a new song in the next couple days– she’s announcing it now. She’s all about Twitter + Twitter parties and an infinite number of things. Which is cool. Just search #LOFNOTC on a Friday. Or read about it.

Speaking of Twitter parties, do you have a favorite liquor and pie combo? The first two that came to my mind were scotch and pumpkin and lemon meringue and vodka. Googling brings me to bourbon pie, amaretto cheesecake and grasshopper pie, which sounds minty cool, if only I could get over a bad creme de menthe experience. But it was the white not the green. The green makes for one of the funniest Big Bang Theory episodes, when Raj discovers liquor allows him to talk to women and Sheldon turns musical theatre geek.

Napoleon Dynamite is going to be animated (Jared Hess was a suggested blog topic). I watched it once on the advice of a friend, in the middle of a difficult summer of Shakespeare and LAUGHed LOLed ROTFLed but I suspect it might have been because it wasn’t Shakespeare. So like the Crying Game and The Jagged Edge, it’s a one showing only event.

There were no pies in Prince of Persia. Just thought you should know. Make your own decisions but at least you know.

Good night. And thanks to my first t-shirt trade, I own this bite of dessert.

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