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June 28, 2010

Actually, I haven’t read a Sunday Times (New York) in a long time. Maybe I need to check myself into a Starbucks sometime soon and see what the Times is up to. Two weekends behind on my FT Weekend as well. I keep saving it for a calm moment, but there’s been too much going on with The Merchant of Venice, not all of it related to acting. We’ve also been trying to finalize the t-shirt and poster design and I still have to send out another press release. But the cast is developing a rhythm and we ran the show last week and got through it in 2 hours and 7 minutes. I’m pleased with being in that ballpark for length. Week after next, we go off book and then I get nervous again.

Saw The Karate Kid, Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan style and enjoyed it. Then I saw the original on a cable network the next day. I’ve always liked the original. Where the current version scores points is the villians. The bullying storyline plays more authentically when the character is totally removed from his environment. The no bad students only bad teachers lesson also plays well with the youth of the antagonists.

I think the training sequences in the first one were stronger, taking the time to ensure that Ralph Macchio’s character was properly balanced. And every move he did at the match, you saw him practice, again and again and again. Yes, you almost got as tired of it as the character but you saw it pay off. I think they streamlined the training to move the story along.

Macchio’s character seemed more easily and more fiercely an individual trying to claim his spot in the world, but that may also be the result of his character being closer to adulthood than Smith’s. Macchio and Pat Morita also had a fuller relationship, once again perhaps the result of age or the time the film took to build it.

Jackie Chan is amazing and funny and talented and yes, I want him on my side for a fight or a movie. He and Smith have excellent chemistry, they move well and it will be interesting to see what The Karate Kid powers that be come up with for a sequel.

Did you see Ralph Macchio’s Funny or Die spoof preview? You should.

Jonas LA is slow, boring and the pablum version of Degrassi dating angst focused commercials. Alas, Flash seems to like it (Flash, remember, is our Disney loving cat who puts two ears back when we say that Demi Lovato or the Jonas Brothers are not living up to their comic potential). But I miss the goofy and the funny. The Jonas Brother have fallen into what I’m going to start calling the Juliet/Ophelia sinkhole. They want to be taken seriously as actors and romantic leads so comedy can just wait outside in the dark until it’s called for. Actually, comedy can come and party with me. Any time.

Good night!

P.S. I owe you a bunch of comic book reviews, but I just want to say, WELCOME BACK!!! to Paul Levitz. Superman should always be written as Levitz does in Adventure Comics #12 and the Legion of Superheroes reboot reminded me of all my favorite (and some of the strongest) previous Legion story lines. Exciting. And let me, once again, put in a vote for Shrinking Violet and Lightning Lass. Yes, every true Legion fan has favorite couples and they’re one of my top 3. Time to pull out my old Legions again. I used to read my favorite issues once a year as a mini vacation from everything but the Legion had gone so grim I haven’t had the heart for a couple of years. That’s changed.

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