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July 5, 2010

I might have mentioned previously that this is one of my favorite holidays. Celebrations are usually quiet with the occasional year for a family or friend hosted cookout, but mostly, it’s a day for remembering the great things about the United States of America, the principles that provide our national foundation and all the bright moments in our history.

Here’s a good Baldo comic about patriotism + diversity. The Washington Post published a piece by Marjoleine Kars that is both a review of Marla L. Miller’s Betsy Ross and The Making of America and a discussion of Ross’s life and legend and how we remember her.

Comic Reviews: Fourth of July is just the right day to say I told my comic book guys to drop Captain America from my list but the storylines that finished in Issue 605 made me rethink that decision. I really like the Nomad character (back up story). I was afraid the main story would get too political; I don’t like politics in my comic books, but mostly a solid story and I’ve always really liked The Falcon. So I’m putting Cap back on the list.

Speaking of American icons, Superman needs to always be written the way that Paul Levitz’s handles his character in Adventure Comics 12. Very nice.

The Guild, Felicia Day’s creation, seems to be one of the more popular web series, and although I haven’t watched any episodes, I did pick up the first comic. Good character stuff and I have enough WoW experience to enjoy the gameplay aspects. So it’s also now on the list.

Off the list: Birds of Prey, I think. The book just rebooted with Gail Simone writing it and nice art, but the voiceover wrecks it for me. And I quote: “I know she [Barbara Gordon, former Batgirl, current Oracle] doesn’t like to show what’s under the armor. And we all know I’m the one out of the three that would break down at a time like this. So I’m going to be strong and spare her that…Don’t cry Dinah, don’t cry” And it continues: “One day these women will learn to say what they really feel without thinking it makes them vulnerable.” Bah, I never figured the Black Canary for a crier. And I think this violates one of the basic storytelling rules about showing and not telling. And it’s just blah. Emotional blah. Why can’t we have strong heroes who kick their weaknesses through the sides of buildings.

Also dropping Detective Comics, but that’s because they’ve switched it from a Batwoman book to a Batman book and I mostly avoid the Main Man of Gotham. His stories cross over too many books. I stay on the periphery and enjoy his occaisonal visits to books I read. One of my comic book guys says there will be a Batwoman book, which we are both looking forward to as the artist and writer team will continue. Batwoman is a character I came to respect as Rucka’s Detective run continued and I’m interested to see what happens next.

I will miss the Question back up in Detective, but I can hope for a collection at some point.

Glad to see The Legion of Superheroes back, with Paul Levitz writing. The first issue was mainly hints and tangles so I’m waiting to see what happens next. Good to see a strong appearance from Dawnstar and have Saturn Girl and her twins at the heart of the story line.

Think that’s most of the good stuff. Oh, dropping the Green Hornet: Year One book but switching it for Kato. I liked the female Kato that was introduced in a past Green Hornet book and was annoyed when the Green Hornet powers that be said Kato must be male. So far, good story development with the original Kato and his daughter.

Good night. Now I’m going to go back to playing Abraham Lincoln in Civilization Revolution in honor of Independence Day.

Oh, and Amanda Palmer discusses Lady Gaga, independence, art, integrity, acceptance and etc. in this holiday themed blog post.

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