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July 5, 2010

From my long form, analytical blog, The Crushing Edge:


Well, I was trying to untrite a comment about Amanda Palmer seeming to be a one woman series of creative tsunamis, but having seen part of a video of her in performance (via the A.R.T., theatre host of her upcoming Caberet collaboration — Palmer is playing The Emcee), Twitpics taken at a Cabaret poster photo shoot and en route to a Lady GaGa concert,  I’ve decided Amanda Palmer may be Oberon, Puck and Titania forcefully merged by mad and not necessarily random accidents of Fortuna, traffic and destiny. 

You can see recent photos of whatever @amandapalmer is up to if you follow her on Twitter or her blog or have a tangential meeting with any of the people she interacts with.  She leads an astonishingly open, public life with energy that could power…hmmm, 17 kittens maybe.  It’s astonishing to watch as she blows through music, creativity, passerbys, venues, costumes and eye makeup.  Add in a madly loyal fan flotilla…sounds too small, fan universe and we have me,  fascinated by the Palmer phenomenon.

Read more here.

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