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July 12, 2010

No time for a involved review (but here’s one from i09 that hits all my favorite points) but Warehouse 13 Season 2 kicked off even better than Season 1 ended. So watch it. Tuesday. 8 p.m. SyFy. And read up on your H.G. Wells.

And as an added bonus, the band (Blink Kitty Love, haven’t you been paying attention) turned themselves into Warehouse 13 trainee agents. They posted the paperwork on their blog but I’ll put the gallery below to save you the click through fee.

From the Blink Kitty Love blog (it’s fun, check it out. Now. Current topic, The Beatles):

Yes, we love Warehouse 13, we all have a crush on Claudia (well, TK and Tinker want to be her and yes, sorry, we apologize, Tammy is yelling “Pete” over the music, you probably heard her), the Season 2 premiere is tomorrow and there’s a make your own agent profile feature on the website so we did.  It’s our new summer hobby.  And it doesn’t cut into the ukelele fund.  So here we go:  





And yes, Ty actually went to three Russian classes once upon a college.  He’s tried more languages than the rest of us combined. And yet is no use in restaurants with French on the menu.  

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