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PAUSE FOR #merven

July 20, 2010

The Merchant of Venice opens on Friday so although both The Runaways DVD and Scott Pilgrim, Volume 6 are coming out this week, it’ll be a bit before I get them or get to them. My to do list includes: get stationery, write notes for characters, acquire Tarot cards (we’re using The Fool and Death for inside the silver and gold chests) and a portrait of Portia. Yesterday weather and rain moved into town so that’s stressful. I’m now watching The Weather Channel with breakfast.

Tech went well. Nice shady spots, a bit of a breeze, ran the show twice, costumes are all working out, Morocco’s fez and red umbrella make the scene, nearly everyone has their lines.

Need to reblock one scene that just isn’t working tonight. It requires more human interaction, less pacing and possibly sparkling cider. I’m sure the actors involved will be thrilled. Well, they might if actually starts to work. I’m taking responsibility for the glitches.

Talked to reporters from both papers in town and had two photographers stop by. Thursday’s entertainment news should be dominated by Theatre Under The Trees. So now, all I need to do is finish the props, reblock the beginning of 3.2, not let actor stress affect me, have a positive weather attitude, possibly walk Lorenzo (who is on vacation ’til opening — summer shows so much fun) and I’m pretty sure there’s something (or five things) else but first is lunch, tea and stretchy stuff.

Warehouse 13 still solid, lost the Hot in Cleveland track due to rehearsals, Inception was an interesting puzzle, although I think Christopher Nolan tends toward leads who leave you cold and romances straight out of noir’s well travelled shadowy sidewalk neighborhood. The Joseph Gordon Levitt versus No Gravity stuff was INCREDIBLE. Marion Cotillard grabbed you in every scene she had. Great to see a movie use physical tricks and location shooting instead of CGI and green screen. I suppose it’s a bit greedy to think it should have been as gripping/battering emotionally as Vertigo. But we must keep demanding stories with no weaknesses.

How’s your week? I’m back to green tea lattes. I did drift to decaf caffe lattes for awhile (ooohhhh, hardcore), but it was just a phase. Did I mention the setting involves a coffee counter I’m calling Shybucks in my head. And that this year, we have the excellent Andrew who built everything so it FITS in the back of my SUV. Last year, we had to drop a piece of the boardwalk a night each of the last three rehearsals and turn the Adirondack chairs over to someone else.

Ok, that’ll have to hold you. Take care!

One Comment
  1. Have a great opening weekend! Enjoy all of the fruits of your labor.
    🙂 kb

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