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August 4, 2010

The Merchant of Venice aka #merven was a success. Had to cancel one night due to oppressive heat and had to walk a part another night, throwing the show off kilter, but everyone sparked the performance after so that was amazing to watch. I will probably get analytical about the #merven experience at some point, but right now, I am just grateful for all the effort and talent the actors + crew put into my ambitious vision. I learned a few things about relationships on stage and I’m still happily listening to the #merven soundtrack. So, go Team #merven. I’m a happy and mostly exhausted director.

Still haven’t seen another movie, although Despicable Me is next on the list and The Kids Are All Right is actually in town.

Starting to like Eureka again. This time the setting them adrift in an alternate timeline works. Guess it had to fail once. Jo is becoming a stronger character with better stories, which is LONG overdue. And Allison is still a really scarily bad parent, which is always interesting. Carter seems on the outside this season, but this is giving other characters more opportunities. Miss the original Sheriff Andy now that they’ve “reskinned” him. It’s hard to do golly gee earnestness effectively.

Warehouse 13 — still knocking them out of the park. I like each episode more the second time I watch it, even when I’m not expecting to. Although the superhero episode did contain a few too many references for me. And when do we get H.G. Wells again? I think we’ve established the family vibe; now it’s time to up the stakes again.

Picked up a P.G. Wodehouse book (Barmy in Wonderland) today; looking forward to reading it. Still miss the FT, but I really think the iPad/FT app is the best solution. Now, all I need is an iPad. Oy. Will pick up an FT Weekend at least this weekend if we get up to the Wegman’s.

Spent the afternoon at the alternate office reading Henry James + Virginia Woolf. I’ve always had a vivid emotional memory of reading “The Beast in the Jungle” and I was considering it as new project. It’s more complicated a story than I remember, with less dialogue. I frequently remember the intensities of a story and drop out of memory the complicated parts that go on a bit (it’s Henry James; he goes on a bit.) Was also looking for a particular Virginia Woolf short story (“Slater’s Pins Have No Points“) but next best thing little book of essays so I enjoyed “Notes On An Elizabethan Play.” Entertaining (I like Woolf in shorter forms than novels) with interesting angles on fiction, plays + poetry, unicorns + jewellers. And all this Virginia Woolf talk reminds me of Vita Sackville-West’s Seducers In Ecuador, a tart excellent wonder of a novella that I’d love to do something with sometime. Sackville-West dedicated it to Woolf, matching Woolf’s dedication of Orlando to her. But Seducers is one of my favorite works and the sharper read. (And yes, I discovered these things when I directed Vita and Virginia, a play based on their letters and lives.)

Guess I’m slowly working my way to the current century, at least in terms of literature. What and when are you reading?

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