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August 25, 2010

Ok, I’m waiting for #merven the movie to export + I forgot I can’t work on my Halloween haiku short short short so we’ll try some quick comments instead.

Jabberwocky and Skate Street are in a local film festival this weekend. The inaugural Prometheus Film Festival is being hosted by York Little Theatre. Jabberwocky plays in a comedy/short film block Saturday afternoon. Skate Street is looping with the music videos for the two days of the festival. I’m excited that the Lonely Pond Productions crew will get to see their work on a larger screen than a computer. I’m a little worried about myself. I figure the experience will either inspire a better movie or cure me of live action projects. Love working with actors, but the techy stuff is a bit daunting*

*what this actually means is I’m having the buy a new camera urge for no real reason except that I don’t think Jabberwocky looks as good from a lighting perspective as LONELY POND MONSTER (looking for love) did. Would need to study up on lighting before undertaking another shoot. I have both live action and animated projects I’m considering. Right now though, I’m stalled on a script that can’t decide if it’s a play or a movie and H.G. Wells zinging through the air with a grappling hook + rescuing damsels in distress is giving me the write the In The Bleak December sequel urge.

And now we segue to Warehouse 13. Yes, tonight’s episode(“Merge With Caution”) was missing Wells, but it was also missing the snap of better writing. Actors did an excellent job + were quite funny, but it seemed a filler episode and meant to drive home the don’t expect the Myka/H.G. chemistry to go anywhere point. Which is fine, but this seemed like an awkward + sudden jump from where they left both Pete and Myka last episode**.

One of my favorite things about this season is watching Claudia try to figure out boys. Last year, I liked her cockiness but that being replaced by enough security to show how awkward she feels works. This whole season has been about plot + character development and “Merge With Caution” felt more like a stunt.

Eureka is back, not as whimsical, but definitely back. In the last episode (“Stoned”), Carter finally kissed Allison with intent(and yes, I was the person yelling “Kiss her you moron” at the screen. I occasionally verge on the almost sentimental; I may have mentioned that before.) And the identity of the person Grant met at the diner was a HUGE payoff to those who’ve been watching from the beginning. Everything just got much more interesting.

Impressed with Hannah Montana Forever’s willingness to spend its last season still being goofy. Whatever Miley’s future intent, she’s keeping the comedy in Hannah and I’m glad. It’s so much better than the let’s have women fight over Joe/no real people in Hollywood but us overdramatic mess Jonas LA is priding itself on becoming. I am sorry that my nieces are watching it in its current state; they’ve taken two cool girl characters and made them all about the guy. Bah.

Caught Despicable Me and laughed at many things. Excellent fun. Lots of great little moments where the characters just did things because they were funny. I loved it when Gru had to parallel park after a frustrating conversation with his mother and just slammed back and forth between the cars on either side, crushing them. Some days, it’s good to be a villain. And the minions were amazingly cute, funny and expressive. Good, solid fun.

Also, on the advice of my former editor and anime advisor, Mel, finally watched Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon (the first disc had been the current on top of the TV Netflix envelope occupant for at least a couple of weeks.) Beau (little brother) was out and had recently become a convert after our nephews trashed the movie because the TV show was better. So Beau filled me in on future plots + characters and I will be catching more episodes. It’s fun and I really like the martial arts foundation for the various forms of element bending. And because the characters are so young, it doesn’t get into the darker places where some anime wander.

Read “Talking to Girls About Duran Duran,” chock full o’ lots of 80’s music flashbacks + commentaries on Irish + Catholic families and sisters. Pleasant enough, though not terribly exciting. Gave me the urge to write a better series of essays. And aggravated me a little about Duran Duran. I don’t remember anyone (besides my mom who loved Simon Le Bon and no, we are not discussing that) being a huge fan. Then again, I don’t remember talking to girls about music. I talked to my brothers about music — or Joseph lectured me about it and decided which concerts he wanted to go to. Left to my own devices, it’s Meatloaf with the 20 foot inflatable woman (not my fault), Indigo Girls (not really a fan but there was this one song and I had Saturday nights very free), Roberta Peters (yes, opera), my buddies’ bands…right now, my I might see them list is Rodrigio y Gabriella, Girl in A Coma, Gomez, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (yes, I may have a minor crush on the conductor), Joan Jett (yes, I may have a…) The #merven soundtrack (which included “California Gurls”) has left me with the realization I like Katy Perry’s current incarnation as I hum the tune to “Teenage Dream.” Have been watching more music videos, especially this past weekend. Been doing VMA research for the band and I am most impressed with Usher’s resurgence and the chock full o’ dance moves/nods “OMG”

Mood: poetry seems to be striking (as you might have been able to tell from the previous haiku) as well as mood: heroic adventure (I wonder what mood: monkey would be?) so I’m tempted to get Seamus Heaney’s Beowulf translation out of the library next (or The Faerie Queen). Or Lorna Doone, which I mentioned to a friend and remember loving and reading multiple times, but not recently so I wonder if my memory is accurate. I inscribed and gave away my copy to a bandit long ago; maybe it’s time to acquire another.

**Have been searching for the very cool songs they’ve been playing over H.G. Wells moments and finally found them: from the end of the first episode Portishead’s “Sour Times (link to a song embedded in MP3 TV, a music + TV blog)” and from “For The Team,” “Chocolate” by one eskimO.

Good night. Read a book or write one, darn it.

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