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September 3, 2010

Starbucks has posted a new menu for the Fall and the green tea latte is not on it. Currently, our favorite Starbucks still has green tea powder and will make it for me, but soon, very soon, I fear I am going to have to start packing my own matcha.

Have been going to the library more, which is great. I like reading moods. Finished The Genius In All Of Us yesterday, a good clear quick read revising the accepted view of how genes and environment interact and what circumstances create genius/talent. Today, I skipread through The Best Time Travel Stories of The 20th Century. Connie Willis’s “Fire Watch” reminded me of how excellent and moving her time travel stories are. All I could think after reading it is people (and cats and/or other furry creatures) and your relationship with them are really the only things that matter. Willis’s The Doomsday Book is both one of the scariest books I have ever read and one of the best. And then you pick up To Say Nothing of the Dog, a lighthearted time travel romp using the same time travel apparatus/suspects as The Doomsday Book. Her Bellwether has nothing to do with time travel, but everything to do why we behave the way we do and is the book I recommend to everyone (yes, that means you.) And, checking her website for titles, I discover she has a new time travel book Blackout. Its companion All Clear will be coming out in October. Found a cool interview with Ms. Willis about why she wrote Blackout and All Clear, as well as her next project.

Terry Pratchett also has a new book, I Shall Wear Midnight (GREAT title) coming out next month, revisiting the world of Tiffany Aching and the Wee Free Men. The three previous books have been some of his best work, less rambling than he tends to get when he visits Ankh-Morpork in his “adult” books. So Tiffany in Ankh-Morpork should be fascinating.

I have been reading many blog posts from i09 recently, about must read science fiction and Warehouse 13 reviews. We still seem to agree on most Warehouse 13 points. The last episode, Vendetta, was uneven; the plotting of the Russian angle seemed shaky. Always good to see H.G. Wells and it was great how as soon as she was announced as a fully reinstated agent, you realized that could NEVER work. Even before Artie flipped out.

Weekend plans, I know you’re always interested in these. Well, if you missed it, it’s Camp Rock 2 weekend and I have a Disney, Jonas Brothers loving cat. So we’ll be watching that. Gayle requested I bump Casablanca to the top of the Netflix queue so we’ll pause a moment while I do that. It should arrive Saturday.

Last Netflix DVD we watched was The Bannen Way. Didn’t finish it. Liked the Jaguar, but I always like a snazzy car. Came to the conclusion today that even morally grey heroes care about something — the next whiskey, the current client and her nicely hourglass figure, the partner, a code, the money…something. The characters in The Bannen Way didn’t even care enough to qualify for nonchalance in a strung together collection of mob movie/heist cliches boosted with large doses of titillation.

My favorite web series continue to be Odd Jobs(well written and acted, care is obviously taken by creator Jeremy Redleaf), The Web Files(good behind the scenes and on the spot coverage of what’s happening in the web world, hosted by Kristyn Burtt), Space Hospital(yes, I’m a sucker for robots, special effects and bad 70’s spoofing), Movies You May Have Missed(which I don’t get to watch often enough because the episodes are 20-25 minutes and the movies sometime involve zombies, although they do try for unusual zombies), The Guild I am still enjoying in comic book form, and sometime I plan to catch the goofiness that is Safety Geeks: SVI, especially now that they’re working in 3-D. Oh, and sometime I need to catch up with Chick too (sucker for superheroes) which also brings up the dancing heroes of The LXD And no news on new B.J. Fletcher episodes. I would love new B.J. Fletcher episodes. NOW. Or sooner.

Doing some research/doodling for new projects. I’ve put Blink Kitty Love on hiatus for awhile and changed my Twitter handle to @mdnightmaverick. The Prometheus Film Festival was fun. We enjoyed Pure Imagination, a short documentary about comics creation + creativity that talked to creators like Kyle Baker and Joe Staton (E-Man is one of my favorite comics ever) Gayle, Calvin and I got to see Jabberwocky and Skate Street on a big screen. Jabberwocky looked much better than I expected (I’ve been grumping about the camera but I seem to owe it an apology.) And I feel like I got to check off an accomplishment, having my fellow Lonely Pond Production adventurers be able to see their hard work in a public venue. So now I’m trying to focus on things I want to do as an individual.

Oh, and worst shirt.woot derby (Cryptozoology Redux) so far for me. Didn’t end up voting for any of the shirts in the fog. And last week’s Double Take Derby and subsequent Editor’s Choices ignored the one design I wanted, a very cool map in the shape of a dragon. Which might be good because I’m broke but isn’t really fun. Couple of cool Tilteed shirts wandered by but I was holding out for the dragon map so now suffering t-shirt withdrawal.

Rest of weekend plans? Read, clean up, enjoy the weather once it gets COOL again, find some cool new things to cook (I need new breakfast options). Entertainment Weekly suggested the Reiner Knizia’s Samurai game/app in this week’s The Must List so I might try that instead of Civilization Revolution. May also sneak out to a $2 movie or the new Justin Long/Drew Barrymore comedy.

And I think I’m rambling. Enjoy your holiday weekend. Suggest books, web series, strategy games in the comments or @ me on Twitter. Good night!

  1. I wonder if you would have enjoyed Bannen more in its web series form versus movie format? Just a thought……..

    • I did enjoy the first three episodes when I saw them as stand alones so I was disappointed that the movie didn’t continue the thrill. I think the more characters that got introduced, the more the focus got diluted and the less I cared about any of them. Still impressed by the accomplishment of having put together something that looked so polished and was the result of so much effort. I would just sometime like to be equally impressed by both the effort and the end result.

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