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September 9, 2010

And thanks to a Twitter conversation with @dunz0, t-shirt world wizard in training aka blogger and Tilteed intern/curator, I’m trying to figure out how to convince Gayle she’d rather watch D.E.B.S. than Casablanca tomorrow.

Some other unreasonable requests:

Well, vote for my Love of Language t-shirt idea because 1. it’s cool; 2. I need an iPad so I can stop suffering FT withdrawal and 3. I’m getting a little demoralized about my ratio of voting for other people’s things + other people voting for mine.

Hey @SyFy, I have decided to demand an H.G. Wells spin off show. I wasn’t planning to like her this much, I have no idea what’s happening next, it’s great to see the thrill she gets from risk taking, I’d really rather you didn’t kill her off or bronze her so how about H.G. Wells: A Woman of Mystery, Adventure, Thrills. Start working on it any time now.

Watched Hellcats + actually enjoyed it. I’ve always like Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale, nice to see D.B. Woodside. Gayle did object to none of them sounding like they were from Memphis. It seems they need to talk to slower and say y’all. I think no accent is better than 20 bad accents.

Carolina Chocolate Drops (link to excellent photos from the show by our friends at Susquehanna Photographic) came to York and Gayle wanted to go, but being broke is interfering with everything so far this month. Disappointed about not going to SPX. I occasionally consider just reserving a table and then challenging myself to have something to put out in the comic book universe by next year.

Not that I’m buying t-shirts at the moment, but what’s with all the cute, Woot? Yes, I couldn’t resist the rhyme, probably means it’s head to bed time. And there I go again. Including an internal one. Shucks. And no, that one’s not rhyming slang; I just don’t seem to be in the mood for “Jeepers.”

Yep, qualifies as an insomnia rant. Good night. Oh, and I didn’t even mention how much fun I’ve been having trying to get #merven on DVD.

Hmmm…but we need something cheerful. How about my favorite recent robot doodle (and a weird bunny.) And a shout out to my friend@PurseDogTV for being on the side of jazzing up my Werewolf Haiku short as a Halloween present to the universe. See full werewolf haiku story here.

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