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September 10, 2010

Eureka season finale, VMA awards, old school spy novels (The 39 Steps + The Secret Agent), Casablanca, maybe trying to replicate a Saturday morning cartoon experience tomorrow with cream of buckwheat and Kim Possible, NFL opening weekend, etc. (Update: Forgot the Dukes of Hazzard marathon on CMT. Good John Schneider EW Pop Personality Test here.)

Some other items of interest (and if you were following me on @mdnightmaverick, you would already know about these. And we might have had a conversation.)

Allison Scagliotti interview w/ some Warehouse 13 season finale chat.

Financial Times Fashion Editor Vanessa Friedman has a new blog. Follow it at @ftmaterialworld.

A bit grumpy about a list @SyFy posted of ten of the “top science fiction episodes ever aired.” None of them involve humor. Sure, City On The Edge of Forever is great, but where’s The Trouble With Tribbles love? Then I remembered the walnut eating, Danny Thomas looking, four eyed, water breathing aliens Twilight zone spoofing episode of The Dick Van Dyke show and tracked it down on Hulu. Watch and laugh.

Enjoy your weekend. Skip Emimen at the VMAs but go ahead and listen to The Cure. Today’s the day for it.


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