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September 18, 2010

This past week’s Warehouse 13 episode was a grand adventure…laughter, suspense, sorrow. And the twist you expected from a villian who doesn’t quite seem like a villian. I’m still voting for an H.G. Wells spinoff. They’ve invested a lot of time on making her an amazing character, would be nice if she continued to be around. Editing this episode was a spotty; there were some awkward transitions with Myka’s hand/arms in one pose, then suddenly in a slightly different one. Minor quibble, but that does tend to pull me out of the story.

I have had no idea where the H.G. Wells storyline has been going but rather than speculate, I’ve just been enjoying what the Warehouse 13 crew comes up with. Jaime Murray has done an excellent job and if nothing else, I’m going to miss the long coats and textured shirts they’ve been dressing her in. Came to the late night conclusion that while Warehouse 13 sometimes tanks the special effects (I could name at least 3 episodes with really obvious green screen holes in walls), it must be because they’ve put their budget into props + costumes, which works for me.

The acting is always solid, I really like how they’ve been developing Myka (Joanne Kelly) and Claudia’s (Alison Scagliotti) characters all season. Leena too often seems like an afterthought, but maybe they’ll take some time to give a little background on her next season now that we’ve had some insight into Mrs. Fredric. The Eureka/Warehouse 13 crossovers were two solid episodes for both shows which was nice. The bonus holiday (Christmas/Hanukkah) episodes should be interesting.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Warehouse 13 has been picked up for a third season, although SyFy may not make an official announcement until October. I hope they keep up the quality laced with liberal doses of fun + mystery. And I hope they toss in a few more episodes. And keep H.G. around.

We’ve been watching Hellcats, new CW show, executive produced by Tom Welling and starring Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale. Enjoying it so far. It obviously + respectfully takes its theme (and some moves) straight from Bring It On, which isn’t a bad thing. 3 million viewers for the premiere so that’s a win for the Hellcats team. Worth checking out if you don’t mind a little cheerleader in your weeknight TV mix.

Chuck is back next week, also good news. We’re planning to watch last season’s final four episodes On Demand over the weekend to get in the mood.

In a movie mood, but not this weekend. Easy A looks like good popcorn fun though. Waiting for some Twitter reviews.

Ordered mystery $8 t-shirts from Tilteed which arrived this morning + cheered me up. Apparently, I’m a sucker for a goofy monster** and I really wanted the featherweight champ one*, which made it feel like an early Christmas. Have gotten a few Tilteed shirts + I’m really impressed with the mix of designs and the personal care put into printing each one, as well as the affordable pricing ($12 initially plus only the real cost of shipping.) T-shirts are an extravagance so it’s very nice to find a mix of great art and great service for under $15.

Have an excellent weekend. Do/see something fun + report back.



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