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October 5, 2010

It was Easy A and it was a hoot. Sometime though I would like to see a director not let Lisa Kudrow go over the top. Emma Stone seized the lead and never let you not be rooting for her character and although I would have preferred a script that let Aly Michalka + Amanda Bynes pull out their excellent physical comedy chops, they turned in solid work. Gayle’s theory is that Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with funny blondes.

Instead, they put Katherine Heigl in comedies. I am excited for Josh Duhamel to land a lead in a romantic comedy (Life As We Know It): I’m surprised it didn’t happen directly after Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. Gayle and I disagree about how much we like the movie (I think never telling the girl you like her makes you a stupid jerk, but we agree that Josh Duhamel turned Tad Hamilton into a charming scamp* you wanted to spend more time with.)

Caught two trailers before Easy A. Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow as a recovering addict + former country star and Tim McGraw as her manager/husband looked + sounded better than I expected. And Burlesque is making me countdown the days ’til it opens: the trailer contains just a few notes of Christina Aguilera singing and it rivets the audience in their seats. Let’s hope Burlesque is heavy on performance and has a lighter dose of rehashed in every other movie of this sort drama.

Warming up to Chuck. Possibly because Morgan is talking less. I really like that Sarah only has Casey for relationship advice. And Nicole Ritchie is always so impressive in her guest appearances. Seems like this is going to be another season of great guest stars (Season 2 being the first.)

Warehouse 13 has been officially picked up by SyFy for another 13 episode season. Good.

Hmmm…oh, Goodjoe picked my “Cosmic Blip Of Harmony” idea as their “Force For Good” t-shirt contest idea winner. I’m excited to see what artists come up with, although Goodjoe hasn’t decided when to run it. And the contest prize was an iPad. I have several Goodjoe t-shirts (my favorite* — now out of stock), they attract some of my favorite artists and their decision to promote positive messages and support charities is commendable. Plus, iPad.

Just downloading the audio for the Werewolf Haiku project after a whole lot of FTP grumpiness/frustration (magnified by trying to get the raw #merven footage to Calvin’s server.) So soon, I get to pick my favorite howl, scream + whispered lines that make the hair on my arms stand up. Once a year, I get the urge to do something scary. It’s fun.

Otherwise, between projects. Steeping a new animation angle + trying to decide if it’s finally time to learn to use ToonBoom’s Studio (yes, I know.)

Ok, hope you’re enjoying your October. Anybody else take the Facebook “What Shakespeare character are you” + “Which Shakespearean Lady are you” quizzes? I came up Julius Caesar + Viola. Too many of my friends (you won’t be surprised to find a large percentage of the people I interact w/ on Facebook are taking it) are scoring Hamlet.

Good night!

*scamp is a me word

** mine’s on heather grey

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