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October 12, 2010

Had a good geek day today. Wearing my Metropolis University t-shirt, picked up two months worth of comic books, new Chuck episode. Warning: all comic talk so if you don’t read ’em, you might get lost. Pick up The Hopeless Savages collection anyway. And thanks for stopping by.

I have really trimmed the books I pick up because frankly, there aren’t that many I was looking forward to getting and comics are too expensive for mild like. But I can’t wait for the next installment of the continuing Rikki Barnes/Nomad back story in Captain America. Yep, there are Spiderman + Batman are the deeper, more interesting heroes proponents, but I skew Captain America + Superman (see Metropolis reference above for those who missed it). Nice to see cool competent female character kicking bad guy butt and having conversations with another young woman who also saves lives and kicks butt. So more Nomad and Arana, Marvel, thank you.

Very tempted by Justice League: Generation Lost as it’s full of former Justice League International types and looks interesting but it’s ten issues in so I’m hoping they get collected into graphic novels. Comic storage issues are a problem; I think I’m up to 8 or 9 boxes. I need to give some of them to my brother to sell cheap. Some books I’ll save but some can go to new homes (and yes, Gen 13, Strangers in Paradise, Astro City, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Thunderbolts, I mean you.) Bacchus* is a keeper, my Legions (Of Superheroes, of course), Terminal City, The World Needs Heroes, Scary Godmother, Blue Monday, early Birds of Prey, Whiteout, Phonogram…when I take inventory, I’ll give you the full list.

More of what I actually came home with: Legion of Superheroes. Great to see the Ranzz twins (and Saturn Girl) overrunning enemies in #4. Previews has Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet on the cover of the Legion Annual so I’m excited I get to see two of my favorite characters interact at least, if not return to couple status or at least the path that leads there. Just read an article that not only says Keith Giffen and Paul Levitz are tag teaming the annual, but interviews them. And now I’m excited about another comic book. It’s a nice feeling.

The current Legion run is still a bit dense with characters but it’s been seeded with some great villains so good ride so far.

Also grabbed the middle issues of the CBCG OMFUG miniseries. Enjoyed the first one. Nice to see a diverse mix of creators tell mini stories about music and (occasionally) madness. Keeping Kato on the pull list because I’ve always liked the daughter of Kato as the new Kato angle and I’m finally glad the Green Hornet got back to it. Up to Issue 4 and Kato is teaching his daughter to be better than he was. Nice. Sentimentally attached to the cartoony Batman: The Brave and The Bold; sometimes there’s a solid story and it’s always nice to see little used characters interact with The Bat.

Also impulse purchased Batgirl 14 because who can resist a cover that reads: TERROR in the THIRD DIMENSION starring BATGIRL and SUPERGIRL and Dracula. Not me, not in October. Random fun. Also have Adventure Comics pulled for me for reasons of Legion solidarity. And The Runaways Joan Jett Lita Ford the comic showed up (ordered in my post Runaways Joan Jett haze)…little talky for a comic but I don’t mind the cover.

*speaking of Bacchus, Eddie Campbell has a collected Alec in the universe, and I want it. Passed on the recently issued Hopeless Savages complete collection because I already own 92% of the material, but if you haven’t read Hopeless Savages, buy it. It’s one of my favorite comics.

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