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October 30, 2010

Have been watching The Middleman again on DVD. Next up, the final episode. Finally ordered the Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse graphic novel, which is what was supposed to be the 13th episode. Supposed to be arriving on Monday, good timing.

Not dressing up this weekend…oh wait, not true. Helping a friend with nephews to scare. It’s so much more enjoyable to be on the scaring side.


Last episode of Chuck was great as Sarah and Casey dragged his mom off. I absolutely hate Morgan’s inept but refusing to admit it spy schtick. It is awful. Please stop. Leave him at the BuyMore. It’s where he thrives. Next week, TIMOTHY DALTON. Yes, Dalton = my favorite Bond. Plus there’s The Rocketeer, plus there’s (wait for it) BRENDA STARR.

Brenda Starr is available on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It costs $27 so not an impulse purchase type of thing for me, but Brenda Starr!!!!!!

And why did I go looking for Brenda Starr? Yes, there was Timothy Dalton but mostly it was Brooke Shields playing the creepy Romanian housekeeper in The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. A good mix of fun + scary. Brooke Shields can be funny more often. Please. And thank you.

My fantasy football team is the worst in my brother’s league and my worst ever because I seem to have chosen players who attract injuries (I try to avoid them, but had to go by the book this year as the draft was the same day + time as the Prometheus Film Festival.) For those football aware readers, I’ll just give you the top three: Steven Jackson, Knowshon Moreno and Tony Romo. And Northwestern keeps losing games they could have won. I think teams let them get two touchdowns ahead on purpose.

Legion of Superheroes #6 was one of those catching up on the Legion couples issues, which are always fun, especially when we get Shrinking Violet with her arm around Lightning Lass’s waist, going off on vacation together. And Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl have always been one of the best Legion teams, as well as entertaining. Bonus: Legion election! Vote here.

My comic book guys (yeah comic book guys) are tracking down the Young Allies and Captain America issues I need and adding Spidergirl and Atomic Robo to my pull list. Back to picking up books monthly, which is nice.

Currently reading Pat Benatar’s bio. Don’t know what the rest of the movie/TV/reading/entertainment schedule is this weekend, but what I’m hoping for is weather nice enough for a long walk + fall colors, something funny and/or finding the darn Netflix envelope w/ Casablanca in it.

Enjoy your Halloween (or otherwise) weekend.

Not mine but here’s a Scott Pilgrim pumpkin.


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