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November 7, 2010

Well, today, realizing I haven’t relaxed in about a month. So there was napping.

Let’s see: we took C.E.R.T. classes (Community Emergency Response Team) for five weeks and passed. Last class included a search and rescue exercise; that was interesting. We switched off teams so for part of class we had to be the people in need of search and rescue. My advice: don’t be trapped behind debris in a dark basement and if you are, stay calm, breathe regularly (hyperventilation makes everything worse) and try to be dressed warmly with a flashlight and preferably a snackle. I was very happy I’d thought to put on my jacket; it took longer than I expected. The classes were actually very informative, the instructor was excellent and we were issued a backpack full of useful gear, which I will eventually take a picture of.

Catching random episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nicktoons. I tweeted that some of them were sad and someone I don’t know said that if I thought that cartoon sucked I was…well, fill in rude descriptive of your choice. No, the cartoons are good, some of the stories are sad. Appa and Ang have been separated and Appa keeps getting captured and tricked by bad people. See: sad.

Not sad: there’s a sequel set 75 years in the future with a new Avatar planned for next year. Cool.

Webseries: yes, I haven’t mentioned webseries for awhile, but here’s a few things I’m watching online:

Ask Grim, aka Rapping With The Reaper, a question and answer show with Mr. Grim Reaper himself, who turns out to be quite the humorist but can’t get anyone to actually join him for a sit down interview.

Then there’s the Heather N’ Jeff show, starring Swoosh the Dog. Follow along on w/ @HnJShow on Twitter (and Heather) for the full fun.

And my friend @Bobiwash is posting a “Learn the Ojibway word of the day with Geraldine” video every day in November. So here’s a chance to improve your language skills.

And the not bordering on the bizarre but well into it folks at @SpaceHospital are leading up to season 2 zaniness. Ever wondered how you smoke in space?

Web comics: Questionable Content’s been fun this week and has released a book collecting the first 300 strips. And Diesel Sweeties has given me my new catchphrase: Armageddons within Apocalypses. It seems appropriate considering the state of some corners of the universe (and yes, I mean you politics).

It turns out I am actually getting into the business of t-shirts. I’ve started blogging for Tilteed. I’ve been impressed with the quality of their product and the attitude of the people working there so I’m happy to be joining them by putting my writing skills (and t-shirt habit) to use. So far, my bio’s been posted, which includes an incredibly goofy picture.

And I’m tired of finding links so enjoy the rest of your weekend. Get some rest. Have some fun. Etc.

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