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November 15, 2010

Ok, time for a quick two sentence (or so) tour of what I’ve been up to.

Friday: Avalon High. Pretty good, solid cast, different from the book as described as Wikipedia but I think they picked the right actor to play King Arthur. Gorgeous tangled trees for the actors to talk under, lots of action.

Saturday: Baltimore Museum of Art for a photo sculpture safari. They have an excellent sculptor collection, lots of Rodin and an Isamu Noguchi in the sculpture garden. Flickr photo set here.

Sunday: skip read the last 2/3 of the green Nancy Drew trilogy. The modern trilogy takes the suspense and action of an original Nancy Drew novel, pads it w/ unnecessary details + teen trauma and turns it into 3 mediocre, poorly edited books(between book 1 + 2, editors couldn’t remember if George or Bess wins the trip to Costa Rica.) Boo.

More success reading Elizabeth Moon’s Deeds of Paksenarrion trilogy. Great character, well written, gripping plot, good pace, handled violence + the dangers of evil well. Had read before, but benefited from the revisit.

Great graphic novel find at the library: Four Letter Worlds. A solid collection of sixteen stories (four each on Love, Hate, Fear and Fate.) Worth a read. I may actually track down a copy to buy.

My first Tilteed blog post is up; check it out. Do the RSS thing. Fun t-shirt reviews and stories coming up.

Fun package arrived in the mail this morning, my For Glory hoodie from Seventh Ink. Love the 300 inspired art; I’m a big fan of the Frank Miller comic book, as well as his Sin City series. Miller’s art is always striking and vivid; Seventh Ink’s version vividly reinterprets the Spartan ethos.

Quintessential + GREAT Joan Jett cameo in The Eyeliners Destroy video. Watch it; it’s fun. Thanks to @KikiBergen for the link.

Happy Tuesday. I finally ordered The Runaways DVD and it just arrived. So I’m taking the rest of the day off. Cheers.

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