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November 23, 2010

He has taken over the spot where my keyboard likes to go. He’s been having a tough time of it, for some inexplicable cat reason, so I have created a station with Mozart, Vivaldi + Beethoven. We discovered Cooper liked classical music when he was the only household member really paying attention to men’s figure skating during the last Olympics.

Watched Taking Five this weekend, one of my favorite nonsense movies that no one else knows about. Have been meaning to since I noticed Daniella Monet being the funniest thing about Victorious so I broke down and bought a used copy from Amazon for $4. Still funny (yes, I am a sucker for movies that put a guy in a carrot suit and have him say about prison jumpsuits, “I don’t look good in orange.”) So now I’ve the Click Five in my head as well, tossing between “Hey Girl, I want to catch your wave” and “Friday Night.”

Went to see one of the Theatre Under The Trees regulars in Our Town at her high school. She did very well but I always dread when personal ties require me to attend the Thornton Wilder classic. It’s upsetting and sentimental and strangely obsessed with statistics. I understand that yes, it’s a “classic” and “of course”, a wonderful opportunity for young actors but why do I have to sit through it every five years and cry. The first time I saw it, I knew the girl playing Emily, she’s one of the best actresses I’ve worked with and the hint of a start to her detachment in the last scene was heartbreaking. So even if the Emily isn’t as moving, I still have the memory of heartbreak haunting me. And Wilder massively cheats.

In a Terry Pratchett mood so zinged through Guards! Guards! then discovered my copy of Men at Arms is a bit moldy so skipped ahead to The Fifth Elephant. Sam Vimes and Lady Sybil make for great reading.

Thanksgiving plans? Watch the Thanksgiving episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Gilmore Girls, maybe see a movie (Burlesque and/or revisit Despicable Me at the $2 theatre) and attempt a turkey (yes, Gayle is a vegetarian so there will be leftovers. Want some?) Black Friday? Well, my inbox, Facebook + the t-shirt universe are dancing with upcoming deals, but nowhere is there an offer of extra money so I won’t be frantically doing math. I’ll be trying to come up with ways to use leftover turkey. My favorite leftover: twice cooked mashed potatoes; I love frying them up for breakfast the next day.

This Goodjoe shirt by BootsBoots not only has an excellent message, but like many of her creations, amuses me strangely. Enjoy! And have a great holiday and/or weekend.

Just remembered: Warehouse 13 comics are in the Dynamite Entertainment/SyFy pipeline.

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