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November 27, 2010

My Black Friday (according to @Pergamond this is an unacceptable reuse of a color) event: grocery shopping. Very exciting, I know.

Caught Freak The Freak Out on Nickelodeon tonight. Very funny. Daniella Monet and Victoria Justice spent most of the episode utilizing their impressive physical comedy chops falling all over each other + fighting. Ah, the joys of sibling rivalry played for semi savage comedy. And the song is freakishly catchy. If Victorious can continue this level of funny, I may try to catch more episodes.

Looking forward to the So Random Holiday Special. The So Random Halloween special complete with guest host and band was fun. It’s nice to see the occasional “full” episode of So Random. Although there could be less Sicky Vicky.

Shake It Up is fun so far, a little shouty but I do like the dancing. Gayle wants to see Roshon Fegan’s character with more to do.

Want to catch Burlesque, Harry Potter and/or Despicable Me this week/weekend. In that order. Yes, sucker for over the top musicals am I.

Still in reading Terry Pratchett mode. May pull Monstrous Regiment off the shelf next.

Dug out one of my portfolios to send art to someone and decided to try out an Etsy store. Put up some drawings I’m calling Random Flirts*. Go buy one. Use FREESHIP for 20% off, which covers shipping.

Enjoy your weekend. Hope your Thanksgiving was a fun one. We started our annual Christmas music w/ the purchase of A Blackheart Christmas. Some great tracks, Joan Jett’s Little Drummer Boy, Girl In A Coma’s Blue Christmas and a fun Dollyrots’ zing through Santa Baby. You can download a free track here. I think it’s one by The Cute Lepers; they’re the serendipitous fun that sold us on the album.

*What a Random Flirt looks like:

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