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December 12, 2010

Tangled: go see, excellent, moving, funny.

Burlesque: go see if you’re tempted; fun, enjoyed the voices and performances.

Despicable Me: go see again, laugh and want to grow up to be a supervillain (or buy the DVD w/ the 3 mini movies).

Ladies and Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains: buy used from Amazon, watch when it arrives, be impressed by the music + Diane Lane again.

The Runaways: take it out of the shrink wrap + put it in the DVD (note to self).

Warehouse 13 and Eureka Holiday specials: watch at 6 + 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve; I enjoyed them.

Harry Potter books: reread (starting on #3 tonight.)

And cool site w/ shirts, prints, posters, a made up series of movies and an art style I love: Fleet Street Scandal.

What do I watch to get into/continue the Christmas mood — best office Christmas party: Desk Set.

That should keep you cozy for awhile. Good night.

P.S. Lots of posts now up at Tilteed. Check them out. Here’s a one about my favorite t-shirt (I own 2). Read a bunch.

And speaking of cool art, my buddies @SpaceHospital are given away a Season 2 poster chock full o’ retro sci fi movie goodness w/ the usual Space Hospital warp.

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