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December 29, 2010


Movies: The Runaways. Great chemistry, great music, great story. Inspiring.

Tangled: funny, touching and real. Excellent voice work. Real heroism. Forgot the characters were animated. Gayle’s only answer for favorite movie of the year.


Best hour: Warehouse 13’s “For The Team” followed closely by the Eureka Holiday Special.

Best Guest Star: Jaime Murray as Warehouse 13’s surprising and reliably excellent H.G. Wells, then Linda Hamilton and Timothy Dalton as the central villains of this season’s Chuck. Going to have to watch the first two Terminators again; Linda Hamilton is perfect at the most dangerous thing in the universe is a mother vibe.

New discovery: Bitchin’ Kitchen. Funny, clever and kick ass plus cooking tips. Can’t beat that.

Also, newly discovered by me: Avatar: The Last Airbender (the original cartoon). Impressive characters + story, teens who spend episodes saving the world and/or having fun and/or debating ethics. Really, really solid stuff. And there’s a sequel coming: The Legend of Korra.

Most improved: Victorious. Freak the Freak Out catchy and fun. Great when they use Daniella Monet and Victoria Justice’s physical comedy talents.

Eureka caught my attention again this year, restoring the Alison-Carter chemistry, making Fargo bearable and giving Jo more to do. One of the best things about the Christmas special was the presence of Taggart. He’s one of the best pieces of Eureka weirdness so I hope he appears in a few more episodes.

The Big Bang Theory has lost its ability to trigger laughter. The double dose of Sheldon as Shamy doesn’t work and I’m coming to the conclusion that Mayim Bialik does not know how to do funny in that style.


Patti Smith’s Just Kids — simple and perfect. Also enjoyed Todd Oldham’s Joan Jett book: there’s a lovely picture of Joan Jett and Deborah Harry that I love the mood of, even though I haven’t quite figured it out. It’s a good puzzle.

Bad year for new fiction/mysteries. Suggestions?

Favorite haiku: the one I wrote inspired by Mapplethorpe. Most of my haikus start with an image or phrase but with this one I wanted to capture both Mapplethorpe’s inspiration and a little bit of his power, which was difficult but great.

Fragile Vital Scars
Fuck not Shock but Beauty’s Bite
Life Beats Breathless Still

What excited me? I got inspired by comic books again. Specifically, Nomad. And Nomad and Araña, now the new Spidergirl. And the Legion of Superheroes is back. I’m looking forward to this year’s annual which will involve two of my favorite Legionnaires: Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet.

Magazines: had a mystery subscription to Interview (thank you!) show up timed nicely with my Runaways interest — great Joan Jett interview. Have been continuing to enjoy the magazine and occasionally using it for collages. Mapplethorpe started out collaging; I was curious. It’s an interesting process. Put my first one together for Longshot mag. They didn’t want it but I had fun.

Music: Well, I bought most of the Girl In A Coma’s Adventures in Coverland eps and defaulted to them as playlist when was kicking up (too often) or I just wanted to listen to something good + different.

Have been having fun on some Sunday mornings flipping between CMT’s Top 20 video show and general MTV videos.

Favorite video: Sugarland’s Stuck on You. Great humor, plus funny Ryan McPartlin cameo. Usher’s OMG is my dance video choice.

Gayle when polled immediately mentioned the Beats Antique, which she discovered when searching for Merchant of Venice music (see next item) and then added possibly The Cute Lepers. So Blackheart Records is currently ruling at our house.

My favorite accomplishment? Doing a kick ass Merchant of Venice. Had another glorious night of theatre directed by me where everything and everyone threw off sparks, the audience sat enthralled and I knew I’d reached that wonderful point in the flow curve where I’d created something that challenged all of my abilities. It’s an amazing feeling.

Other highlights: the Werewolf Haiku animated short, which combined my artistic, editing and directing skills into 2 minutes of scary creepy fun.

Favorite t-shirt: Surprisingly, for a person who likes punny shirts, it’s Seventh Ink’s For Glory hoodie. Love the simple, clean striking graphic, was pleasantly surprised to discover it was actually 100% cotton and bonus: it’s really warm and light.

Favorite t-shirt site find: Well, Tilteed gave me a job (blogging) and Goodjoe gave me an iPad. I like them both for the attitude they present to the world. Tilteed turns out excellent hand printed shirts and their team of curators searches out diverse artists/designs. Goodjoe seems to be attracting some of my favorite artists and I really like the positive humor and images they choose. Both are affordable, although I would like it if Goodjoe had the spend $30 get free shipping deal more often than the holidays. I hate paying shipping. My fun t-shirt budget is limited and shipping cuts into it.

Favorite mood: Werewolf. October was a fun month. Tilteed had an awesome werewolf shirt, I got one of my favorite actresses to record voices, howls and screams for my aforementioned Werewolf Haiku short, and the final version still spooks me. It was great fun to dip into the October chill for inspiration. I like to scare people once a year or so, then I go back to goofy.

Speaking of goofy, Blink Kitty Love episodes aren’t happening with the same frequency as I’m trying to take that energy/side of my personality and put it into a different project but the animations do still happen — and they’re darn fun. My favorite is the one involving the Vampire Pine cone. Watch out, they’re everywhere.

Ok, shirt.woot just posted a shirt reminding us of one of the worst things about 2010: the BP Oil Spill. My meeting with the Riverkeeper did not turn into something continuing so my bout of civic responsibility led me to C.E.R.T classes.

How was your year? Radical?

Want more details on any of the above. Read the darn blog, people. Good night! Take care. And thanks for stopping by.


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