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January 18, 2011

I think I’m two weekends behind. And today, Monday has seemed like a week long event. So, quick reviews it is.

Nickelodeon TV:

Two new episodes of Victorious tonight, all about the perils of showbiz. First one funnier, where the group becomes a one day kids singing group. They do turn out the catchy musical numbers on Victorious.

House of Anubis: fun, Egyptian themed mystery. Nicely plotted, solid acting, villians are clunky and institutional, but I think that’s the point. Some of the teen mischief bit parts are overdone, but overall a solid and interesting new show.


Wizards of Waverly Place: Max is a girl now. Wizards succeeds when it leans toward the crazy chaotic side of wizardry (or Harper). Not so sure about the Dark Angel identity for Justin they’ve started plugging.

Hannah Montana: It’s over. And Lily and Miley ended up continuing their friendship by attending college together. One of the better recent episodes. Found myself liking the actress playing Sienna, especially after the musical interludes in the Miley chooses to reveal her identity episode. Flash seemed happy.


Tron: Legacy: Impressed with Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde’s acting. Jeff Bridges had some nice moments. Loved the action sequences but movie bogged down at the end by not really having a decent plot or anything original for the villain to do. Perhaps Klu should have swirled a pixel moustache as he tied Quorra to the light rail tracks.

Black Swan: On the Natalie Portman for the Oscar train. Didn’t like some of the visual/angle/editing choices Aronofsky made, but all the actors turned in incredible performances. Portman’s Nina watched everyone so closely, every minute, starting with herself. And the transformation: terrifying. I won’t forget the look in Portman’s eyes any time soon, it stopped everything as her whole being became an arrow of aggression, striding to seize what she wanted.

And good night.

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