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January 25, 2011

All the action seems to be happening on the Blink Kitty Love blog. Head on over; I’ve started a Shirt o’ The Week habit, among other things:


No, that’s not a misspelling and we’re not having a special Monday Shirt o’The Week post to annouce we’ve started watching Bette Davis movies.  What we are here to tell you about is the simple, funny and available for a limited time Ewe Boat shirt by JadenKale, artist and Tilteed curator.  Yes, we simply love puns and whenever we play Settlers Of Catan, we are harassed for how much our strategy involves hoarding sheep (Tinker’s little brother likes to invent habits we don’t have.)  But mostly, we’re showing you this because every time we think about it we laugh.  Thinking…yep, still laughing.


Yes, easily amused. It’s our middle name. And yes, still laughing. 

As for crushing, we’re back to burgers.  And 5 Guys.  And french fries.  


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Nothing beats natural lighting. If you haven’t tried 5 Guys yet, you should find one. They’re amazing and affordable. Our burger buddy, @KristynBurtt, frequently taunts us with pictures, sending us heartlessly out into the cold to cure our craving. And then we throw french fries at her. 

And kudos to the aforementioned, french fry dodging @KristynBurtt, who is starting her Oscar coverage odyssey for Star Pulse and Mingle Media TV tomorrow. We’re looking forward to some inside information. Who are we rooting for? Natalie Portman, Tangled (with a vote or two for How To Train Your Dragon), Colin Firth (Tammy doesn’t care what he does, she just cares that he’s Colin), Inception (Tinker likes the cinematography), Amy Adams (Ty always a fan) and we’re really annoyed that the Joan Rivers doc was skipped over — although to be fair, we haven’t seen it yet, but we like to be unreasonably annoyed about something every once in awhile. Be glad it’s not you. Also, Diane Warren’s “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” which allowed Cher to have the best song in a movie where she was not the best singer. Show stopped, hand over award. And we did like the job Pharell Williams did with the Despicable Me score — fun and fresh.

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