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February 5, 2011

This week’s Big Bang Theory played the Sheldon and Penny aces extremely well, adding in a Raj story well done joker and Howard + Leonard kept out of the way for a winning poker hand. The teaching Sheldon acting angle was a smart comedy choice, as was invoking his mother.

Chuck — the past two episodes of Chuck have made up for a few recent will they/when will they get engaged clunkers. Timothy Dalton has been executing the mad lovelorn villian moves/mood swings with the spare touch of a master. And I love Chuck when he puts together a plan. Plans + prophecy — these are my soon to be a trend you can’t ignore tips.

House of Anubis — had a House of Anubis inspired nightmare this morning so I guess it’s just scary enough. Solid acting, solid plotting and they keep coming up with new + unexpected cliff hangers. Nice.

Still reading my way through the Harry Potter books. Forgot what a drag through the mopey moors of Umbridge land and Harry clouds it is. Glad to be working my way through the sixth book now. Ron and Hermione patter continues fun.

Still reading my way through Living Opera. Need to finish, return to library and buy my own copy. Getting some interesting ideas on directing, reaching an audience and how performers think from what I’ve read.

Green Hornet — nearly everything Seth Green’s character said was a waste of screen time with him mumbling generic + POOR dialogue. Jay Chou has grace, charisma and is apparently a Taiwanese rock star.) Tron: Legacy scored better in the movie I didn’t really expect to enjoy contest.

The King’s Speech…a quietly excellent movie that probably contains my favorite Helena Bonham Carter performance. Geoffrey Rush also did a good job walking the friend/patient/royalty tightrope. Gayle thought it was marvelous immediately and full of great directing touches; I found it slow, but kept finding myself remembering moments.

Enjoyed the winter X-Games last weekend. Kudos to Kelly Clark and Shaun White for their Superpipe Supremo runs. I do not understand the need to watch snowmobiles bump along for endless laps or smash the rider when he drops off. I’m disappointed there weren’t more women’s events and more women’s events in prime time.

Cleaned off my desk for the Lunar New Year — Happy Year of the Metal Rabbit. May it bring you health, prosperity, peace, happiness and some fun, darn it. Rabbit seems to be turning out speedy. I haven’t painted in too long so I’ve been having fun with acrylics.

  1. I loved HBC performance in The King’s Speech-subtle and understated. So wonderful! Also loved Geoffrey Rush. Colin Firth was good, but I actually don’t “get” all of the hoopla around his performance. The movie will probably win Best Pic, but I think there are better films out there this year. Ah, if only I voted for the Oscars…..

    • Yes, I knew The King’s Speech was a better movie than I initially thought when I realized the last period movie I’d seen where I got that complete feeling was Neverland. Thought the same thing about Firth; maybe he’s getting credit for all the non flattering close ups ; )

      Haven’t seen The Fighter yet and want to. It’s amazing to think HBC was flipping back and forth between Harry Potter and The King’s Speech. Which is why I love actors; the best of them surprise you.

      Ah, an Oscar vote…that would be a wondrous thing.

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