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February 21, 2011

Movie watching update: Social Network had great performances from Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, Brenda Song got one of the better female parts in the movie, women not really represented as people, just something that comes with the liquor and money, and I thought the ending too dramatically neat/Hollywood. Still haven’t seen the movie that I’ve thought was “the complete package.” Not interested in The Kids Are All Right, hoping to catch The Fighter at the local theatre this week, put Winter’s Bone next on the Netqueue, no interest in Toy Story 3, hmmmm…would rather read the book True Grit is based on, after the rush hour traffic of Social Network thought Inception looked better than I remembered. Big Inception ad push in The Hollywood Reporter for two weeks, half the pictures chosen reminded me that the movie is about people sleeping, not sure that’s a good thing to remind the Academy.

What’s on my “I’m rooting for” list (may change): Natalie Portman, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter (surprised me, not generally a fan), Jesse Eisenberg, How To Train Your Dragon (although I wanted Tangled to get a nomination), “I See the Light” (Tangled) and Inception for Cinematography.

Weekend reading: Plays Well With Others by Allan Gurganus on the recommendation of @KikiBergen. Finding the light, charming and confident way Gurganus uses words cheers me up about writing. Although the story has darker undertones (AIDS, 80’s, death — I had somehow briefly forgotten), the narrator is having a conversation you want to be a part of.

Anything else new? House of Anubis finished off well. I really liked the characters and a well plotted mystery sans blood/gore on television is a find. Catch the reruns if you want a little teen detective fun. #yesImissNancyDrew

Chuck: Chuck has been back on form. Taking down Volkoff was full of tension, surprises, cards well played, excellent moments, humor + all those things that can make an episode of Chuck great. Follow that up with the return of John Laroquette and you have a Chuck double feature full of win. The C.A.T. squad episode was too predictable but still has its fun moments.

Oh, and Hellcats…I really don’t know what to think about Hellcats. Great cast and the characters spend as much time talking about ethics as I do. Biggest flaw: The cheerleading coach’s fiancé is more of an obstacle than a character.

Ashley Tisdale’s character goes from tearful prayer to the throwing of a toga party. The religious aspect of the show is so serious and so threaded through that no one seems to notice or blink at it. I never expected to like Heather Hemmens’ Alice and yet I do. Aly Michalka finally has a part she can do something with. All this brings me back every week to Hellcats, a truly odd mix of a show. And it works, I think. I just have to keep watching to figure out why.

Want new media Oscar coverage? Kristyn Burtt is covering the Academy Awards for Mingle Media TV. It’s been fun following along with her Oscar journey. I recommend it.


Friday Evening Early

Twilight blends bright blues
Winter electric, dark drops
Stars wink a way through

It’s The fault of @SPWrite

Whisper of wind shifts
My only divination
Whether storm or sun

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