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February 25, 2011

From the Blink Kitty Love blog:

Well, you can’t vote and get Mark Wahlberg an Oscar nomination (more on that later).  But rather than hit you up with a Shirt O’the Week, we’re going to hit you up for votes for designs we REALLY want to wear that haven’t gotten the appreciation we think they deserve.  Because who doesn’t love dragons, robots and girls who kick ass.


Hic sunt dracones, a design by amarillo started at shirt.woot and is now up for voting at Goodjoe.  We love the way it…ok, we just love everything about its cool cragginess.  This is the country we would rule, given a choice of crowns.  Hic sunt us.


And now for the promised robot + girl awesomeness, Star Power,  now up at shirt.woot in the double take derby.  It’s a collaboration between one of the best robot* artists (rglee129) frequenting the site and one of the best just the right amount of sexy, reminds us of our favorite comics artists (kaseyfleming).


So do us a favor and vote these designs up, if you’ve got an account at either site.  Thanks!

And now Wahlberg.  We’ve always liked him and we think he was the heart of The Fighter.  The three actors from The Fighter with Oscar nominations, well, there should have been four.  Wahlberg is the heart of the movie, with one of his better performances.  We appreciate movies and actors that are more physical than cerebral and Wahlberg has a quiet, solid presence that allows Bale and Leo to bounce their flashier performances into the Academy’s stratosphere.  Amy Adams has never been anything but excellent so she and Wahlberg suit each other well.

*you know about us and robots, right?  You have seen our favorite TV show, right?


Enjoy your weekend!  

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