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March 4, 2011

Trying to finish Winter’s Bone; see why the guy playing the uncle got his nomination. Quiet menace. Jennifer Lawrence also does very well. Movies in theatre: have been looking forward to Beastly, but tired of seeing Alex Pettyfer on my TV in ads for his movies. It’ll probably be our $5 Tuesday movie because Adjustment Bureau reviews are piqueing my interest. Emily Blunt is someone who’s not in enough movies.

Piece in an art auction this week. For details see my art blog.

Like the addition of Vivian on Chuck. Have been getting she should play Mrs. Peel in a new Avengers thoughts so that’s a good thing.

Girl In A Coma’s Walking After Midnight up for voting in the Independent Music Awards cover song category.

Going to try to get into a better working routine next week. Setting up a short film mixing Shakespeare and animation (thank you whoever keeps finding this blog by Googling that). The two actors I need are in, next step, costumer.

Taking extra sentences to wish you an excellent weekend! Take care.

  1. *creeps in from Twitter*

    I agree, Emily Blunt is great and not in enough movies. I’m dying to see the Adjustment Bureau, but alas, it will have to wait until these terrible British-style essays are finished. Also want to see Winter’s Bone, especially now that Jennifer Lawrence was cast in The Hunger Games.


    • Good, see Winter’s Bone and we can have a conversation about it; Gayle refused to watch it. I really need to watch Young Victoria, but I keep bumping things over it in the Netqueue. Adjustment Bureau would be good post essay mostly mindless fun.

  2. Young Vicoria is great!

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