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March 14, 2011

Sitting here charging my iPad, listening to Irish music on Grooveshark. So far: The Waterboys, The Corrs, and The Pogues; I think I’ll try The Cranberries next, and then Black 47. Black 47, generally better known for its political and historical tendencies, has a party album: The Funky Ceili.

Although now I’ve switched to the Blink Kitty Love station (it often runs w/ the volume muted) as the songs rolling were James’s “Getting Away From It All” and now, The Wonderstuff’s wonderful “Size of A Cow.”

Non musical endeavours, hmmm…Been reading drafts of my own stuff and wondering about my decision making processes, trying not to volunteer (bad habit) to blog for businesses in search of bloggers, took a tai chi class, spent the weekend organizing the house, finally wrote a press release for Much Ado About Nothing to send to the parks so they can start getting the word out, costumer is in on the Shakespeare + animation project so now we’re in schedule crunching mode. Schedule crunching mode is difficult, besides their regularly scheduled jobs, one of the actors is in a show and the other is PSMing (Production Stage Managing) another.

Finally acquired ToonBoom’s Comic Boom software to aid in the making of the occasional Blink Kitty Love web comic. Here’s the first: it involves jetpacks, kittens and a surprise food item.

ComicBoom is a lot like FlipBoom, although the exported version was not as compatible with on line web comic hosting sites as I would like — too much white space; I had to crop. ToonBoom should put in a direct to SmackJeeves or DrunkDuck option as well as the not as useful for web comics direct to YouTube choice.

Quick reviews:

The Adjustment Bureau: Matt Damon and Emily Blunt flirt charmingly, run bravely and raise a fairly standard science fictionish action flick at least two levels. Plus, the hats are cool and Anthony Mackie is a nice, quiet force of a presence. I enjoyed it. Although not as much the day after when I was wondering why women are never the active movers in fun action films so I had fun switching Blunt’s + Damon’s part in my mind and swapping in Elisabeth Shue for Damon. Some day and sooner is better, I want to see a fun action thriller romance (or five dozen) where both protagonists are women.

Finally caught Mad Love, the new Jason Biggs/Sarah Chalke sitcom. Funny, a little forced but the guy (Tyler Labine) playing Larry is a nice level of sharp to offset the turnoffs the plot has packed on. Definite potential.

Max is back to Max with the return of Jake T. Austin to Wizards of Waverly Place. But excellent, thorough and funny job by Bailee Madison who played Max in the body of a younger girl for six episodes.

That should catch us up. Just do me a favor and remember Irish culture is about a lot more than drinking. Read William Butler Yeats or Emma Donoghue. Spend some time at Innisfree.

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