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1:25 PM, YES THAT SAYS PM (are we surprised?)

March 21, 2011

Howdy, going to do a quick runthrough pre lunch so I can postpone the what to have for lunch decision. My go to lunch is generally a curried beans and grass fed beef invention, although I am considering changing the name to Fusion Curry Chili, although there must be a replacement buzzword for fusion by now…hybrid? Melt…”Melt With You” — and now I’ve got Modern English in my head.

Japan — impossible and depressing. Have been reading about all the people evacuating and leaving their animals, which upsets me. They did find an octogenarian and her grandson alive, trapped in a kitchen Friday and seem to be finally getting food and water to people. Trying to decide which animal related charity to donate to. There is some amazing art coming out of this — French artists for a fundraising auction here, but the rush to make Japan related t-shirts is tiring, although I applaud helpful sentiments and artists work through things in ways inexplicable to others. But direct donation is probably most helpful.

More cheerful notes: Paul was funny. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg scored with an alien charmer. Hot Fuzz is going on the Netqueue top 5. Finally saw the Thor trailer. So very much full of win. Also the Your Highness trailer. Natalie Portman looks set up to make a big impact this summer, which really I don’t think I’d mind. Although I’d prefer it if the princess in Your Highness ended up with her character, but then you just have to say, Michelle, write your own darn script. And I have to agree with you.

Winter’s Bone. Excellent movie, very, very good performances. There were some scenes that dragged the pace, but I think they were meant to be idyllic, however the movie was so good at the quiet menace, I kept expecting someone to come along and do something horrible to something cute, small and/or helpless. John Hawkes was the best performance of 2010, so many levels and Jennifer Lawrence is a breakout find. Thanks to my friend Kristyn Burtt for the suggestion. She actually interviewed Hawkes on the Oscar Red Carpet.

Considering buying a keyboard dock for my iPad. I need to make typing hand written drafts into my computer a faster, better process. Spent some time in the yard pruning my rosebush and lilac tree; looking forward to a #photofloralsafari soon. Starting tai chi classes with my original instructor.

Picked up a Will Eisner bio at the library. Looks interesting. The Spirit is a work of graphic wonder and I’m looking forward to some insight into the business of comics and creativity.

Comics: Spidergirl — boo. Turned one of the better characters at interacting w/ others into an brooding introvert, too many wandering plotlines, no Nomad or that kind of teasing interaction with a friend, plus the price of admission into an official Spidersuit seems to be the killing of a beloved authority figure. Anya did not have one to spare. Then the Red Hulk killed my dad, oh no, the Red Hulk wants me to help find who pushed him over the edge + actually killed my dad plotline just fizzled. It’s sad when I get excited about a character/comic book and then that just fades.

Legion of Superheroes and Adventure Comics continue to be solid; Atomic Robo might be interesting if it’s your first comic, but too derivative/unexciting.

Food and lifestyle mixing (melting?) seems to be the current ticket. There’s Bitchin’ Kitchen, which also throws in funny funny comedy (Nadia G lets jokes fail on purpose and still gets her laugh — so much respect) and Oven Fresh Dreams, t-shirts and baking. Picked up a robot + cookie poster that immediately got electrical taped to my wall.

And now I really am hungry. Time to switch to kitchen mode. Enjoy your afternoon.

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  1. I am always so slow on catching up on everyone’s blog. Thank you for the shout out. Winter’s Bone was a true indie film. I am so glad it broke out of the pack and got the recognition it deserved. I can’t wait to watch more Hawkes and Lawrence films. 🙂

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