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April 5, 2011

No new Chuck so we watched Chuck vs. The Sandworm, one of my favorites.

DC’s Jimmy Olsen one shot is a cheerily well done one off wonder.

Phineas and Ferb is still rocking the we have 5 jokes and they’re funnier than you think angle.

Steve Rogers(comics) is being pushed back into Captain America.

Spidergirl is boring me and Marvel seems to have killed Nomad in the Negative Zone — boo.

Young Victoria is sitting in a red envelope on top of the TV.

Hop nailed the Easter colors, and oh, please put always pitch perfect James Marsden in more funny movies that don’t involve Katherine Heigel.

Really need a photo safari.

Here’s my most recent robot doodle:

Valley Forge is a fun place to troop around if you like historical locations.

Carmen McRae’s “You Took Advantage” of me is currently last.fming.

Reading Alan Arkin’s An Improvised Life.

Domain names came up for renewal and I let two go and registered a two new ones.

Cats are sleeping; Flash had a seizure this morning but Good Luck Charlie seems to be a hit.

Disney’s upcoming movie is Lemonade Mouth and I want to know why bands always start in detention and never during math team practices.

A disturbing number of women in my Twitter feed seem to like Sucker Punch.

Bring It On is a satisfying sports movie where the team you spend the most time with loses; I think this can only happen in a film with girls.

Baseball season has started and the Mets are above .500.

Aly and Aj’s “Bullseye” currently last.fming.

Looking forward to Arthur because, yes, Helen Mirren.

Watch Short Term TV because it’s funny and @heatherhocomedy is a master of deadpan and/or ranting comic grumpiness.

Trying to think of a film that falls somewhere between kissing Jessica Stein and Brokeback Mountain.

The FT had an interactive grid with interviews of 35 astronauts.

@BadAstronomer informs us that this is the best time to check out Saturn in the night sky.

Trying to find a concert I want to/can attend.

And that’s all for tonight folks. Good night and thanks for stopping by.

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