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April 14, 2011

Ok, tall random stack of comics on my desk so I’m just going to go through and type what comes to mind from cover/title:

Young Allies: cancelled too soon, pretty good chemistry, stupid villian, more Nomad/Arana (now Spidergirl to no good effect) please.

Batman: Brave and The Bold: cheerful but predictable, a little wearing

Adventure Comics: tight, the kind of stories the regular Legion book should be telling

Legion of Superheroes: crowded, better since the writers were challenged by the Legion election results, Brainy drunk with power always good, miss fun interactions

Spidergirl: Boring, turned a vivacious character into an introverted tweetstream and can’t pick a story

Captain America: won’t be sad if Bucky’s not in the suit any longer; Steve Rogers excellent character always, solid perspective on America, values, responsibility

Atomic Robo: derivative, slow, maybe good for your first comic, but not exciting

Kato: didn’t catch my attention

Nomad back up feature (Captain America): irregular storytelling but a great character I will MISS (and grump about) if they’ve done away with her in Onslaught Unleashed

Captain America and The First Thirteen: obvious movie set up

Captain America and The Falcon: I love the Falcon but this book is weak

Power Man and Iron Fist (current team): enjoying the mix of personalities but don’t like the direction story/villain taking

Legion Of Supervillains: obvious set up issue

Jimmy Olsen: tight storytelling, lots of charm, nice score in the art department, great Amanda Conner cover, worried I’d spent too much money until I read it and then reread it twice.

Onslaught Unleashed: Good mix of characters, can follow the story even though I know nothing about Onslaught but don’t kill off Nomad Marvel. Thank you.

FF #1 (the new relaunch of The Fantastic Four after death of Johnny Storm): ok, but not ok enough to pick up #2

Legion of Superheroes Annual #1: A good villain, my favorite Legionnaires (Lightning Lass + Shrinking Violet) in their couple state but not the I want to reread it all night and then read every story Keith Giffen ever wrote about them experience I was hoping for.

Also have 2 Witchblade collections at the bottom of the pile, Christmas gifts from my brother. Enjoyed Witchblade: Witch Hunt, good detective story and character interaction, but Witchblade: Awakenings lost me in a mess of story trails and violence.

And at the bottom of the pile, I just found my sparkly magic markers, now I have something else to doodle with. Since I’m canceling Spidergirl, Birds of Prey lost me awhile ago (too much crying/inner doubt dialoguing, I believe) and Zatanna is the one superhero that Gayle twitches about, anyone have any suggestions for comics with female protagonists?

Caught Lopez Tonight with Prince, Sheila E and Rosario Dawson. Excellent show all around. Really enjoyed it. And danced.

Put on some Prince (or The Glamorous Life), read a comic, dance. And thanks for stopping by.

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