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April 19, 2011

Lemonade Mouth, the new DCOM, aired this weekend. Solid, excellent cast, catchy, entertaining musical numbers (yes, I bought the soundtrack, She’s So Gone tilted the meter to buy). 5.7 million viewers, respectable numbers for Disney, but 2 million less than the original High School Musical. There’s a Lemonade Mouth encore this Saturday with behind the scenes details.

Only real trouble Lemonade Mouth had was shoehorning 5 complicated stories into one nigh two hour movie. It needed another half an hour of content and Stella’s character arc lacked fullness, I thought. Plus, I was annoyed with an end number that took the two girls who had been playing guitars well and enthusiastically throughout the movie and turned them into dancers.

And now, we segue to Scooby Doo, the current generation, since Hayley Kiyoko, who plays Stella in Lemonade Mouth also plays Velma in Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins, the 2009 live action prequel. Which was better than I expected. It was kinder to the characters than the big screen movies had been and the writers did a good job of giving Nick Palatas a Shaggy character who was sweet and simple, but not stupid or stoned.

What else have I seen: Supah Ninjas. Fun, cartoony live action cast well, including George Takei as a hologram version of the main character’s grandfather. Young cast has a nice chemistry and spot on comic timing. Not quite Adam West Batman levels of fun but a nice, ninja kick find in the world of teen performance (singing/dancing/TV show) comedies.

Hop — James Marsden needs to get cast in more comedies; he’s always pitch perfect. And it was nice to see Kaley Cuoco on the big screen, but next time give her a part where she can put her gift for comedy to more use. Thank you. Animation looked great, perfect Easter candy colors; story predictable; target audience very enthusiastic at the matinee we went to.

Think I’m Russell Branded out though, can’t quite talk myself into seeing Arthur, Helen Mirren crush aside.

What I am enthusiastic about at the moment is Adele. Heard “Rolling In The Deep” on the radio and her voice just pulled me in. Amazing sound. Acquired 21; second favorite song is her cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong”. Wow.

There’s a new Blink Kitty Love in the universe. I missed animated so they’re back with their favorite movie (yes, there may be robots involved.)

Girl In A Coma is touring and has a cover of “Come On, Let’s Go” on the soundtrack for Prom, Disney’s upcoming big screen effort.

Take care.

N.B. #Robogames sounds so cool; I want to go. Thanks to bopping around the #Robogames tweetstream, I discovered MarilynMonrobot, an NYC live robot performance project by @heatherknight. Another reason I need to visit New York.

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