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April 29, 2011

Here Be Robots has started a 10.000 Robot Group on Flickr. Have already posted one robot, looking forward to seeing what other people add.

There is a Robot Film Festival happening in New York this July thanks to Heather Knight of the mentioned in a previous post Marilyn Monrobot. Considering what to submit. Have a favorite Blink Kitty Love robot animation?

Shakespeare planning is starting. Ordering my Oxford edition of Much Ado About Nothing. This year, early 17th century Italy is our setting.

Introducing a friend to both The Middleman and Bitchin Kitchen. Both remain pitch perfect funny. Bitchin Kitchen just announced its second season will debut July 20th. New Warehouse 13 is scheduled for Monday, July 11th.

Haven’t seen any big screen movies recently. Prom looks fun and is getting fairly positive, gee this is mild reviews, but will wait for DVD. Flash wants to see it. Looking forward to Thor and Free Comic Book Day next weekend. Hot Fuzz is in the red envelope on top of the TV.

Good night.

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