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May 5, 2011

And it’s racing along. Have started serious Much Ado About Nothing prep. Having fun trying to design a logo…mostly fun. Had an artist lined up but that didn’t work out so I’m back to design it myself. It’s a good way for me to focus on what the story is about in its simplest form and where my presentation of it is going to start. Theatre Under The Trees is very me, so the years I get to design the logo may not be the pinnacle of graphic arts design but they do capture the spirit of what I’m trying to communicate to the audience. Developing a wedding bouquet pierced by sword image; the working title is DangerBouquet.

There’s a new Blink Kitty Love webcomic in the universe; those are fun to do.

Partly inspired by the fact that the band won a seemingly random free t-shirt from @subversiverobot. Tonight, fun facts about skunks helped them win a t-shirt from @Omunky. They seem to be on a free t-shirt roll; I just have to stop them from heading to Vegas. T-shirts, alas, are not legal currency.

What’s up in my reading/watching/wandering universe.

Prom: was fun, solid performances, pretty good script for a teen prom mostly comedy, excellent soundtrack and some very nice moments. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to Thor this weekend and Free Comic Book Day. Would like to see Fast Five, I think the addition of Dwayne Johnson to the mix is an inspired idea, but it violates my acceptable level of car carnage in a movie limit. So tell me how it is.

Chuck: still funny, some dud moments, but mostly hitting the group comedy chemistry, kick ass action scenes ball right out of the park.

Went to the Supershow, fairly new comic convention in Reading that my brother discovered. The nieces and nephew love it. More exhibitors than last year but still a nice friendly feel. Too tired for a cool stuff I found/acquired linkapalooza now, but I’ll try to hit the highlights sometime soon.

Have a huge stack of books from the library. Best one so far is a 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, a graphic novel by Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones. The art is lovely and the story is a fascinating exploration of the misunderstandings, mergings and musings of lovers.

And that’ll cover us for now. Take care. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, there’s a Eureka/Warehouse 13 Mother’s Day Marathon on SyFy…good stuff.

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