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May 31, 2011

Jumping The Broom…see Jumping The Broom, people. It’s funny, smart, moving, charming and with so many excellent performances that I am going to have to see it again. And then there’s Shelea Frazier and the soundtrack. You missed a good thing, remedy the oversight. And Angela Basset can be in many more movies, thank you.

Finished the Smart Swarm. Recommending it to everyone I talk to about books (and yes, that’s you). My Goodreads review: “Solid science so far + very readable…interesting framing of “crowds” as individuals making decisions without leadership. Possibly supporting the Tao Te Ching suggestion: lead by being the lowest point — or suggesting listening is leadership…
I recommend reading if you are interested at all in group dynamics. The section on groups going wrong is weaker than the rest of the book. Now I want to read a good book on effective leadership, but glad to have the Smart Swarm insights to mull.”

Any leadership books to suggest?

Want to see Kung Fu Panda 2; hadn’t been that excited but have been reading comments that are raising my level of interest. Green Lantern is not grabbing me at all. Ryan Reynolds’s voice sounds weak/wispy reciting the oath in the commercials, CGI looks CGI and I haven’t seen anything yet to pull me in. Cowboys vs. Aliens trailer however made me put that movie on my to be considered list. Always liked Daniel Craig and action looks solid.

Caught part of a Batman (the TV show) marathon on Hub TV tonight. Excellent fun. Dialogue terrible and wonderful at the same time (Gayle called it “deathless dialogue”). Such great actors. So much fun. Zlonk!

In a crossover week for Shakespeare projects so that’s a little weird. And so broke I’m tired of math. The new Star Trek is in the red envelope on top of the TV although TeenNick’s advertising their airing of all the Bring It On movies in one day reminded us of the awesome silliness of the original, which we have on DVD. So I’m thinking watch either that or an American Pie movie to distract myself from Shakespeare crossover anxiety. And if you haven’t seen Kirsten Dunst do Shakespeare, watch “Get Over It,” a fun Midsummer adaptation that has one of my favorite LOL movie moments.

Good night + take care!

Memorial Day: my comic Twitter peeps were tweeting out Captain America art, but it seemed something more real more suitable. My comic book guys posted a graphic that was either a Bill Mauldin or reminded me of one so here’s a link to one of the greats.

Also, Robot Film Festival deadline coming up. As mentioned above, too broke/booked to enter anything, but go ahead. I think the future of entertainment will include robots. It always has in the Blink Kitty Love universe. Here’s one of my favorites:


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