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June 13, 2011

Ok, time for a quick quick stroll through my viewing/reading habits.


Kung Fu Panda 2: art gorgeous as always, I love when they switch animation forms (flashback sequences, credits). Not as funny or inspiring as the first and I always want more of The Furious Five, but still fun.

X-Men First Class: Michael Fassbender excelled, Jennifer Lawrence continues her arc as an actress to watch, James MacAvoy always charms, Rose Byrne solid, younger mutants (and the actors playing them) not given much scope, although I did like Lucas Till’s turn. Villains flat, Bacon too broad, Jones too nothing, others more flashes of motion than parts.

Jumping the Broom: seen it yet?

Star Trek, the JJ Abrams reboot, on DVD. Still so impressed with Chris Hemsworth’s performance as George Kirk. Still appalled by Spock’s lack of ethics (re: Uhura). Impressed by the behind the scenes/making of features and JJ Abrams hands on the camera (literally!) and on the spot approach to effects (there’s at least one trick I want to try). Made me reconsider Super 8 but then there was lens flare talk and I remember how much I disliked seeing that on the big screen. So still debating Super 8.



My Babysitter is a Vampire: sleek, straightforward fun fright flick for the younger set and those who prefer the non goretastic. Twilight spoofery galore in the movie within the movie. Found myself pleasantly surprised when Disney started teasing episodes of the new My Babysitter is A Vampire series. Great to see some faces from Radio Free Roscoe, including Kate Todd, who looks to be playing a recurring role as a recent vampire.

So Random — I am very glad to see that Disney is not giving up on the rest of the cast of Sonny With A Chance now that Demi Lovato has decided to concentrate on music. Great to see this team of comedians given a chance to bust out a sketch comedy show. Interesting to see how the target audience reacts.

iParty With Victorious: meshing Nick’s two teen flagship comedies (is True Jackson done?) in a single long form episode was strangely fun. iCarly goes amazingly far (and funny) just marching straight down the loud, obnoxious and throwing things road to LOL. Victorious is a little more restrained and with more of a character/plot mix, but iCarly’s magic 1-2-3-Spencer-Gibby combo punch still works, although handing Victora Justice a mike is a ticket to a danceable performance. And Daniella Monet’s co starring with Drake Bell in the live action Fairly Oddparents movie. Glad to see her comic epicness getting her more gigs.

The Cooking Channel is our new default network.  Top shows:  Bitchin Kitchen, Everyday Exotic, Indian Food Made Easy, Unique Sweets, Foodjammers, Eat Street…

Caught the Inca Mummy episode of Buffy on Teen Nick. Still so much fun. Nice way to unwind after rehearsals.


Sujita Massey’s mystery series is a good read, especially if you are interested in details of culture, art and clashes of old and new.  Her protagonist is the half American, half Japanese antique specialist Rei Shimura.

DC’s massive reboot:  I am impressed by the scale.  Not sure how many of the 52 titles’s #1’s I’ll pick up, but probably a few more than I currently do.  Glad the Legion is included.  Sorry to see Power Girl isn’t; just started on that one.  I’d love to see a creative team turn out a Wonder Woman I want to read.  Hasn’t happened for far too long.


Much Ado About Nothing casting done, first week of rehearsals finished, most of the show blocked. Have to finish the rest tomorrow night (with the fun stage combat parts — Pillow Fight!!!!!!!! I’m anti pointed sticks this year) and then Tuesday, run the whole show + see what we have to work with.  Show seems to be proceeding at a majestic pace at the moment and I need to speed that up.  May have to uncancel long speech night and find a way to fit it in when most of the actors with the big chunks of dialogue can come.  Chapters and examples from Playing Shakespeare are my go to long speech night reference, plus a list of carefully compiled rhetorical devices.  I also occasionally give my rendering of the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Henry V.  “We few, we happy few” always suits a touring Shakespeare company.


Some haikus you may have missed if you don’t follow me on Twitter:

Lying abed haiku:
Delicious morning
Breeze wafting in, breakfast soon
But for now, perfect
Dragged into politics haiku:
Edge of change sharpens
As e’er friction BURNS BLASTS BURSTS
anger seeds, alters

And why aren’t you following me on Twitter?  And there is also a new Blink Kitty Love webcomic in the world.  Enjoy + good night!

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