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June 24, 2011

I think the Much Ado About Nothing cast is tired of running the wedding scene (where Claudio denounces Hero) at every rehearsal.  But it’s a key scene + it wasn’t feeling right.  I don’t want a wilting, fainting Hero.  I didn’t cast a wilting, fainting Hero.  So we’re going with escalate the anger and it’s working.  Tonight, the scene felt like you couldn’t look away.  Which is important.

So the wedding scene and logo worries have been occupying most of my mental space, along with the thought that I miss writing.  So last weekend, I had a burst of make it up on Twitter fiction.  Here’s the start of 2 AM Lonesome.

Watched the first X-Men movie.  Still chock full o’ solid superhero action goodness.  Plus, Ian McKellen.

Green Lantern not so full o’ solid superhero action goodness.  Ryan Reynolds does not work as the square jawed action hero for me.  I like his easy charm in a comedy, but I don’t get the depth I like in my world savers from his performance.  And total fail in the scoring department (James Newton Howard to blame there); we walked out humming music from Superman.  How about a Green Lantern theme, something original maybe?!?!?!?!?  Too many composers echo the Star Wars or Superman themes.  Break out.   Ended up discussing scores on Twitter w/ composer @robgokee .  Agreed that Black Swan’s Clint Mansell did an amazing job with the music.  I was impressed with the keeping the Tchaikovsky theme throughout without it wearing out my tolerance.  Also liked Pharrel William’s Despicable Me score.  Picking up the Jumping The Broom soundtrack soon.  Shelea Frazier (singer + writer of Jumping The Broom’s “Love Fell On Me”) has a new YouTube channel.

To switch back to Shakespeare, we’re having a Much Ado with madrigals.  Gayle is writing original music for the two songs in the play and then we’re adding in Italian madrigals to fill out the musical atmosphere.  Music is integral to Shakespeare’s plays — so many of them have songs written in — and music also helps transition between and set moods for scenes.

Anything fun on the television?  Kicking It (new Disney XD) suffers from asking its leading man to go beyond his charms but has potential.  Realized I should have given a quick description of the Cooking Channel Shows so here’s one sentence each.

Bitchin Kitchen:  just watch it, sharp comedy, great looking food and just darn fun.

Foodjammers:  three goofy guys doing things like building a taco vending machine.

Eat Street:  Food trucks galore.

Unique Sweets:  entertaining hosts, visual dessert feast

FoodCrafters:  Aida Mollenkamp finally has a show that works for her energy and enthusiasms.

Everyday Exotic:  Roger Mooking takes one food and does amazing things with it, plus very cool music composed by the chef.

Indian Food Made Easy:  Anjum Anand teaches someone new to make Indian dishes every episode (fun).

The Joan Rivers documentary is making its way in a red envelope from Pittsburgh.  I have a movie to watch as prep work for writing a screenplay with a friend that is a bit more violent than I like, but curious about the collaboration and it’ll take my mind off of Shakespeare.

Oh, my comic book guys sent their store managers off to a DC event so here’s their quick summary of what’s up with 52.  I’m impressed with the scale of the remake.  Not sure which ones I want to pick up; think it’ll be fun to just plan to go in on September Wednesdays and see what intrigues me.

These blog posts are running longer because I’m writing too few of them.  Need to get back in that game too.  Warehouse 13 Season 3 coming out on DVD next Tuesday.  Looking forward to that.

My latest doodle is my most popular Twitpic so far so here you go.  Think I’m going to use it as the first panel of a repainting the van Blink Kitty Love webcomic.  Thanks for stopping by!

Oh yeah, weekend plans:  Cars 2 and Bad Teacher are in the which movie should we see this weekend mix. Thoughts? My buddy @KristynBurtt was covering the Cars 2 Red Carpet.   Looks like fun.  Other than seeing one of those, I’ve been trying to cook food in advance to eat after rehearsal, we’re running the second half of the show on Sunday and I’m hoping to try out the new FT app to get my FT Weekend fun in. What’s on your schedule?

  1. RedCarpetCloset permalink

    I love that panel! It’s perfectly girly and modern all at once. 🙂

    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun playing with colors to get the right combo. Sometimes, you just have to go with mood: girly.

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