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July 8, 2011

I was commenting last week that it seemed like it was taking a year and Gayle pointed out that during the show, every week seems like a year.  Might be true.

Other people’s vacations are impacting my life yet again.  I have been racing around at rehearsals
like something that bounds in great leaps, playing two or more parts at a time.  Mostly Claudio.  Claudio is not a part I’d really like to play.  Dogberry yes; Beatrice, yes; Benedict, yes, but I’d much rather be the director guiding the actors playing Hero and Claudio (most days anyway, when we’re not working on the wedding scene.)  So it has been a bounding riot of Shakespeare, with me doing the riotous bounding.  7 more rehearsals left.  It’s a little crazy.  On the schedule Sunday is run the whole show, work with the set for the first time and try out costumes on the cast when they’re offstage.  Busy.  And an afternoon rehearsal.  I am not, you may be surprised to hear, a morning person, which sometimes continues into afternoons.  So there is much Sunday fun to be had.

What is happening other places than rehearsals for Theatre Under The Trees Much Ado About Nothing?

Joan Jett and Girl in A Coma are giving a free concert on Coney Island July 14th.

Warehouse 13, Eureka and a new show called Alphas are premiering Monday, July 11th on SyFy.  Might watch Alphas as I am a David Strathairn fan.  Warehouse 13 is also posting webisodes with Claudia and Artie on a comic book adventure.

The Robot Film Festival is happening the weekend (July 16-17) we tech so I’m hoping someone takes good notes (if it’s you, how about a guest blog post with the details?).  Working on a fall robot movie idea with a couple of friends (including a jeweler so I’m thinking at least a couple of cool robot sculptures for more stop motion fun.  I miss stop motion fun.)

T-shirt news:  Tilteed revamped their website (very bold) and is switching to a shirt a day.  Regan SmithClarke and Cavata Clothing are launching their summer lines + looking cool; I’m tempted by a couple of shirts.  I don’t like the tri blend trend though; 100% cotton for me.

TV:  Disney’s My Babysitter’s A Vampire is goofy vampy campy well acted fluff + fun.  All the leads have charm and it’s a nice quick rip through all the TV vampire/monster/magic standards.  And the boys have the “soft” powers while the girls bring the muscles.

Yes, I have been watching My Three Sons with breakfast.  Fred MacMurray is a master of wry as well as understated dignity and humor.  It’s slyly funny.

Movies:  Monte Carlo was a different movie than I expected.  Selena Gomez did an excellent job (especially as the snarky heiress, very very funny tied to a chair fits of pique), but Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester really took the movie over.  It reminded me of the ensemble charms of How To Marry A Millionaire.  And have you seen Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like  A Love Song video.  Bad karaoke, light saber wielding mariachis, 80’s shout outs galore.  Just right for me.

Had the Joan Rivers documentary in the red envelope but switched it out (not up to lacerating humor at the moment) for X-Men 2, then probably the Fantastic Fours and Push in preparation for Chris Evans’ Captain America, which opens the same night as Much Ado so Cap will have to do without my opening weekend dollars.

Ok, that’s a wrap.  There’s Google+ and, which I’ve been playing around with and a Blink Kitty Love webcomic halfway done.  But I’ve been working on the Much Ado logo, my first official vector design (colors are purple shirt, shiny silver text, brightish blue flower.)  One of the ideas I tossed around was a wedding bouquet with some flowers scattered so it was interesting to see it develop into this, with a split flower and the balance between Much and Nothing.  More fun than frustrating, the printer didn’t grumble much (he never likes our fonts) and I think I might be learning something about Inkscape (and design).

And I’ll leave you with what’s currently in the “bottomless bowl” (artist David Walsh has a sense of humor; it’s beautifully smooth wood: I love turning it in my hands) of inspiration on my desk.

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