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July 24, 2011

Directing a Shakespearean comedy every summer is a wonderful thing in many many ways for me.  The language, the adventure and the camaraderie are often a joy.   But this is the point, halfway through opening weekend, when exhaustion and the lack of the little things creeps in.

So, today we took a scouting trip to the location, decided it would be cool enough if we pushed the show to 7 p.m and found some shade.  Texted/called everyone in the cast, pushed back call time to 6 p.m.  6:05 pm intermittent rain arrives with lightning off to the northwest.  Radar on several peoples’ smartphones insists storm will blow through quickly.  And yet by the time we left at 6:58, there had been hail, sideways rain, loud thunder, near lightning, freaked out crew members.  Advantage:  cooler but score one for weather picking the exact wrong time; too late to move the show.  So we called it.

Then some of us headed to a diner since we had sudden free time.  And I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had sat down to a non rushed meal at an hour before 9:30 p.m.  So I ate pork chops, salad and a baked potato with quiet contentment as the chatter wandered.  Food orders ranged from milkshake + fries, to french onion soup to two eggs + toast, but leaned toward desserts, including a half waffle sundae that might have fit in a mop bucket (the waitress apparently enjoys the sundae making process.)  Much of the talk was of all things Potter, some of the talk was storms we’d been visited by in past summers mixed with tales of backstage experiences in other places.  It was nice.  I don’t actually talk to the actors about personal stuff a lot while directing, but at this point I can relax and listen to a few stories — and the actor playing Don Pedro singing “Severus Snape” over and over again.  There seem to be Harry Potter musicals I need to watch.

Not seeing Captain America this weekend because as much as I’ve been looking forward to Cap, I’ve been looking forward to seeing how Much Ado turns out so much more.  And the box office seems to be doing just fine without my $8.  #SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) tweets are making me want to pick up my comics, but they are not causing convention envy.  I prefer less of a scene.

The picture of Kristen Stewart as Snow White with a shield and sword  as well as descriptions of the #SDCC panel have piqued my interest.  DC’s long running Fables comic is having a spin off called Fairest with covers by Adam Hughes, one of my favorite cover artists.  I may actually have to try it out; the stories always intrigued me.  Suggestions for a place to start welcome.  Fairy tales are surging in the pop culture derby; maybe DreamWrights had their princess season two seasons too early.  Shirt.woot has a fairy tale derby this week; this Golden Fish entry is amazing.

Speaking of comics, an Elizabeth Watasin reference popped up in my Twitter stream.  Very excited to see it.  I loved her Charm School and A Girl comics, actually met her at SPX several years ago.  So I’m hoping for new content.

What else new?  Added Girls With Slingshots to my webcomic reading, although I’m beginning to think that success in the online comic business requires not only robots (or talking plants) but sex toys being mentioned at varying levels of frequency — those are the weeks I skip…

Scrounged up on the internet recently: @StarkRavingMe with her Girls Who Grind (change of subject to skateboards, people) project, a documentary following five female skateboarders.  This is the time of year I get ticked off at the Summer X Games for having so few events for women (3 this year and women’s vert cancelled).

Good news, while we’re on things with Kickstarter/IndieGoGo projects that might actually get me to break my no kick in cash habit:  BJ Fletcher, the oh so funny oh so gay oh so great Canadian detective web series announced a third season.  Yippee!!! Must rewatch + get Gayle to watch.  And acquire a cool detective hat.  Although every time I go down to Hats in The Belfry with intent, the only hats I like that fit trigger a laugh response in my target audience.  I’ve been hat shopping without acquiring an actual hat for too many a season.

Sad about Borders closing (minor compared to many sorrows, I know) but it did make an excellent alternate office and it will be difficult to replace my afternoon meanders through current magazines.  The library’s selection is smaller and Harrisburg and Lancaster aren’t a quick afternoon stop.

The view tonight:


Good night; I wish you ranging conversations and weather that suits you.

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