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August 9, 2011

Blackheart Records has a new artist:  Kate Crash, who has just released her EP, Zombie Nation.  Crash has a few California concerts including opening for Joan Jett on September 16th.  And did I mention Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are coming here, which neatly resolves my who do I see in concert problem.

Smiths cover album Please, Please, Please (including Girl in A Coma so Blackheart segue for a point) being put together by American Laundromat Records, which seems to make a business of putting together cover albums.  Like the cover art, the songs and the artists so may pick up one of the packages.

Wandering through the @blinkkittylove Twitter feed (where I do my music meandering) and  French Horn Rebellion (@frenchhornrebel)
announced their lead singer’s EP.  So I took a listen and enjoyed.  The sample tune is “Don’t Blame Me Now” and it’s fun.

Starbucks has little (now silver) cards with free music on them every Tuesday and I always end up with a pile of them, half on the verge of expiring, on my desk, or in my pockets.  So I typed in the codes to redeem a bunch and the best of them was Madeleine Peyroux’s The Kind You Can’t Afford.

Quick movie/TV thinking:

Eureka: tonight’s was an example of Eureka at its best:  fast paced, packed with danger and difficulty and grounded in the relationships between the characters.  SyFy has just announced Eureka has been cancelled, but this season so far has been a return to the best of it (although I am finding Felicia Day’s character a little over quirky.)

Warehouse 13: tonight, HG Wells was back, episode had an elegiac feel, but very solid braiding of three story sequences/sets of characters.  If the Warehouse 12 scenes were a preview of what an HG Wells spinoff might be like, my excitement meter just ticked up a few notches.

Really enjoyed Captain America.  Excellent performances by all parties, great to see Tommy Lee Jones + Stanley Tucci play characters ideal for them, Chris Evans + Hayley Atwell charmed with a shy chemistry and it was a great summer mix of adventure, danger and flirt.  On my see again list.

Friends With Benefits –light laugher. Justin Timberlake has definite charm, although there were far too many naked Timberbutt shots.  Mila Kunis continues to be one of the most watchable faces I’ve seen.  She’s just likeable.  It’s nice.

Politics is pervasive and appalling.  Without even picking a side.  I think most Americans are fed up.  Since I am not temperamentally suited for running for office, I’ve decided to spend some time on history, early American, to get back in touch with some of the ideas that inspired the founders of this country.  Here’s the books I picked up on my first pass through the local library’s offering.

And lo, 3 am arrives.  Good night.  Stay safe, especially if there’s rioting in your vicinity.

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