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August 19, 2011

Thursday seems to be a blogging habit.  Quick hits, I think.

Saw Captain America again.  Enjoyed it again.  Want the DVD.

Jumping The Broom came out on DVD; need to pick it up.  Also still need to acquire Warehouse 13, Season 2.

Warehouse 13 crossover with Eureka’s Fargo was a game full of hoot.  Disney’s So Random is turning out some really good sketch comedy (Ketchup On Everything is a good example).  The recent episodes  involve more returning characters like Rufus, the Teen Rage Band and the Coolest Kid in School.  The show and the actors are hitting their stride.  Not sold on Prankstars.  ANT Farm is fun and the younger performers are doing good work, but why has Disney decided that inept cop is the new funny parent.

Put Netflix on hold rather than decide on which plan to choose.  Too many red envelopes sit on top of the TV for too long and right now is prime TV time, with new Warehouse 13, Eureka and Top Gear episodes, and then Chuck, Bitchin Kitchen and etc will start up.  So I’m keeping my Netflix dollars for the moment.  Library has a nice selection of DVDs + I can choose one to suit the mood for only $2.  Documentaries are free; tried out some excellent jazz performances that way last year.

Much Ado, did I mention how Much Ado About Nothing finished up?  Actors did an excellent job, we increased audience members over last year and when we had weather impact our performances, the audiences moved with us.   So when we finished, I was that nice big leap accomplished version of tired happy.

My experimental animation, Werewolf Haiku, is in the Prometheus Film Festival this weekend, screening Saturday in rotation with other animations and shorts. I’m very happy to see it on a big screen. I put a lot of effort into it, worked with some of my favorite people and I am proud to have kept the momentum going through two Octobers to turn out something that still creeps the heck out of me.  Curious to see what audiences will think of it.

Ok, for those of you not interested in comics, you can stop reading after the sign off, although you might want to skip down the Kevin Keller bit at the end.  My weekend plans include wearing the filmmaker/artist, comic book, t-shirt loving aunt and lighting designer in training hats over three separate days so it might get a bit crazy.  Hope your weekend plans go well and include some things and/or people you enjoy the company of.

Comic books…Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend, I skew more Riverdale than Gotham (probably not news to most of you) and I finally got to sort through DC’s 52 promotional material and see if anything looks interesting.  I am curious about what’s going to happen w/ Superman (and, of course, Lois Lane), but the Previews view of the #2’s of Superman and Action Comics looks pretty grim, as does anything Gotham related.  My initial probablys, in no particular order:  Flash, I always liked Barry Allen as Flash, both Legion titles, BlackHawks, Justice League International, maybe Blue Beetle…seems like there should be more.  Have been enjoying Judd Winick’s Power Girl run, curious as to what he might do with Catwoman, but visiting Gotham has never really been pleasant although I might pick up Batwoman as I did enjoy that character’s brief run in Detective Comics.

Marvel:  Keeping Captain America on the list, but probably dropping the World War 2 set Captain America & Bucky.  Really annoyed that the Rikki Barnes Nomad character doesn’t exist anymore (maybe) thanks to the latest Onslaught miniseries.

Have been reading my way through my Hopeless Savages graphic novels again. Really miss those characters.  And I almost forgot about the new Sergio Aragonés solo book. Nice to see a master at work.  So many little humorous touches.

And I have ventured into Riverdale, thanks to Kevin Keller, the gay track star class president character introduced awhile ago. Picked up the first two issues of the Kevin Keller mini series and enjoyed it.  Incorporates both a gay teen and wounded military veteran stories with a charming cheeky cheer.  I like it.  Thanks Archie Comics.  Now how about introducing another band into your universe and making one of the musicians gay and a girl.  I could pitch something your way.

Good night folks.  Let me know if I’m missing a must try on the 52 list.

And a still from the Werewolf Haiku:

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