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September 7, 2011

Or something like that.

Hurricane Irene and its potential impact on my parents/littlest brother and the economy and its lack of available jobs for the parents of my nieces and nephews have been pushing my stress meter recently.

Irene offshore Haiku

Pressure gently swirls
Wind, cloud, beauty, danger mix
Hurricane clear warns

Been reading.  Borrowed Good Omens from a friend as I am out of new Terry Pratchett funny so trying him cut with some Neil Gaiman appealed.  Enjoyed it; neatly arranging all the apocalypse players paths stuttered occasionally but fun characters, great language, good read.

Working my way through Grant Morrison’s Supergods, which is proving a brisk + entertaining read, although soon we get to his life + how it affected his comic writing which I may not enjoy as much.

And I am once again puzzled by how little the Legion of Superheroes factors into other people’s thinking about comics.  It gets mentioned on two pages in Morrison’s book: his sister read it, he liked it and Jim Shooter was really tall.  And in the pre DC 52 relaunch which characters are gay and/or why aren’t there more girls flurry, no mention at all was made of the Legion, which has a long history, full of many and fascinating things, gender balanced casting for the most part and a few gay characters.  The latest Legion Annual involved two of my favorite characters, Shrinking Violet and Lightning Lass, off on a vacation together and hunted by the Emerald Empress. Adventure Comics ended with one male Legion Academy student taking a trailing spouse job to be with another male recent Legion Academy graduate.  So the gay characters are there but so far, no news that the Legion continues its diversity post 52.   The 31st century is a fertile field for dating so here’s hoping Paul Levitz has some fun with romantic chemistry.  Yes, I read the Legion partly for the romantic stuff, any real Legion fan will have at least a top 3 of couples.  Mine include Dawnstar and Wildfire, Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet and Phantom Girl and Ultra Boy.  I also read the Legion for a future filled with interstellar travel, adventure, action, do gooding (darn it), and goofy fun with Brainiac 5.

Obviously, I need to go pick up my darn comics.  And I’m adding a few Archies to the pile.  Not only do I really like Kevin Keller, I’m working on an improve my animation + art skills by sketching project.  Decided that the Archie style suits mine so did a quick Kevin Keller sketch that turned out well.  So I need some more reference material to work from.

Friend insisted we watch RED.  My mild crush on Helen Mirren is becoming a known thing which leads to things like this.  Good things like this.  RED is now my favorite John Malkovich movie.  I can always watch Bruce Willis do his wryly kick everything take on the action hero.  So if you’re in the mood for a fun action film, try that one.

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts are on the schedule for next week.

Back to tai chi classes now that I’m not in charge of a cast.  Need to start setting my alarm on Saturdays to get the second session of the week.  Took a lighting design class and really enjoyed it.  We cleaned and rehung lights, designed the upcoming DreamWrights show (David and Lisa), programmed the light board, took the lightning designers tour of the theatre, learned some of the basics.  When I was first getting back into the theatrical game, I worked backstage on every show I could, which involved many late nights hanging lights and trying to get the set ready for tech rehearsal and/or opening.  I’ve always loved the backstage/technical aspects of theatre.  Actors thrive on applause; but I like challenges successfully and collaboratively completed.  It’s invigorating.

Miss structured writing, like blogging for Tilteed, so I’m back to being an entertainment correspondent for the local paper.  Finished my first story last night.  Don’t know if there will be more Tilteed blogging in the future but here’s two of my favorites that got posted during Much Ado, Does Crime Pay? and Superpowered T-Shirts.

I missed the VMAs.  I pay attention to/comment on the VMAs for Blink Kitty Love but I was watching VMA videos on MTV to see what was up, saw Adele’s Rolling In The Deep video (fun plate throwing) and the amazing emotion packed gut punch that is her voice took everything else out of my head for two weeks.

And on a t-shirt note, this is my new favorite because 1.  it’s amazing and I’ve been waiting for someone to print it for a year 2.  it’s a map + 3.  it’s a dragon.

Buy hic sunt dracones at

Good night! Be careful. And etc.

Also, there is a new Blink Kitty Love webcomic in the universe, where they invent new football teams.

And to completely flip your brain, another haiku.

Friday, finally a Haiku:

Inadvertent rhyme
Exhausted ecstacy leaves
Only native tongues

Now you’re caught up. Enjoy your week.

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