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September 23, 2011

Here’s my favorite photo from the Joan Jett concert at the York Fair (9/13/11).  I was trying for a shot of guitar + hands + mastery, discovered shooting from the front is not conducive to that and ended up catching this shot while Jett was taking a break to talk to the rest of the band.

I let Blink Kitty Love (for those not in the know, this refers to the crazy crushing cartoon/comic band that shares/represents several aspects of my personality) review the concert (w/ more and different photos).  Here’s the start:

Joan Jett (Happy Birthday!) is trying to reclaim the verb “to rock” for rock and rollers*. This is a cause we can support.  So we’ve stopped using it as a general description of cool things and begun using it as a very specific description of the wonder of Joan Jett.  She so capital R-O-C-K-S rocks, her concert was awesome and now we have a lot of songs to look up, listen to and download.  And a t-shirt and maybe a hoodie to buy.  

Joan Jett at the York Fair, September 13th, 2011.  Jett made us laugh, sing, shout, smile and dance.  And looked like she was having a blast the whole time.  One of the best parties we’ve been to:  we had a great time, everyone around us had fun and the music continued excellent all night.  Joan Jett rocks enough to personify the verb and can do it again in our vicinity any time she wants. Please.


And my Flickr set with some of the night’s highlights.

Good night!  I wish you something you enjoy as much as I did the Joan Jett concert.

P.S.  Excellent recent Joan Jett interview from the Morton Report.

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