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October 12, 2011

Chris Evans — and now Anna Faris.  What’s Your Number was a by the numbers romantic comedy, but I actually liked Faris’s character.  Her interactions w/ her exes seemed believable and I really liked the relationship she had w/ her sister.  Much of the movie seemed to have an undercoat of authenticity, although main rival to the Chris Evans character was contrived.  But we did enjoy the movie and the comic charms of the leads.  Plus, New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle played during the romantic climax, which means I’m not the only person who finds that song appropriate for every (well, probably nearly every) situation.

BJ Fletcher, PI.  They’ve been filming Season 3 episodes so I spent a night rewatching most of Season 1 + 2.  Very funny, very fun + very gay.  I like it.  Need to get Gayle to watch it sometime.

Godspell.  My buddy Kristyn Burtt is involved with the Godspell revival that’s about to hit the Broadway previews stage.  I’ve been reading the behind the Godspell scenes blog written by Producer Ken Davenport.  It’s an interesting view into someone else’s theatre process.  And I learned a new word:  sitzprobe.  Ken Davenport would want me to make you click through to find out what it is.

Have also gotten back into the swing of catching Movies You May Have Missed movie reviews.  Always funny + informative, and Lee only gets occasionally ooky.

Borrowed Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 DVDs from a friend.  Watched the two part finale tonight.  Epic.  Not an exaggeration.  The Avatar effect at the end is incredible.  If you haven’t seen this show, you should.  And if you have nieces, nephews, daughters, sons or the grand versions of the same, watch it with them.  The characters are brave, fun, funny, complex, strong, ethical, human and amazing.  There is a sequel, The Last Airbender:  The Legend of Korra, in development.

Have been trying to sort out my writing archives + added a couple of stories to my Scribd page.  Frankenbronte is very suited to the season.

Disney’s having Monstober.  For all the attention Shake It Up and China Anne McClain of A.N.T. Farm are getting, I’d like to put in a shout out for Good Luck Charlie, which is doing a good job with the family comedy.  Very funny, very strong cast, best integration of parents into plotlines, darn cute baby, lots of random craziness…while the major networks are having trouble rolling out a family sitcom (when they bother) that doesn’t get tepid reviews (Last Man Standing), Good Luck Charlie is an overlooked charmer.

I’ll leave you with my latest haiku:

October 1st Haiku:

Cold rain fall into

Blessing of warmth kissing lips

Savor sip submerge

Good night!

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