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November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween.  Have been finding the season inspirational, as mentioned in the last post.  Four new Blink Kitty Love comics + I also turned the latest 12 panel one into a slideshow which you can see at the end of this post.

And now for some reviews.  Let’s start with Warehouse 13, as we had a disco Halloween with the Duped episode from Season 1.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great suspenseful stand alone Alice in Wonderland meets Vegas episode that’ll have you hooked.  Joanne Kelly plays so many moods + thoughts so well. Scary good.

So was the Warehouse 13 Season 3 finale.  Resolved all the previous pacing issues in the last hour, after the ridiculous let’s kill H.G. pause.  Sure, get rid of your genius asset, that’s a great idea.  (Yes, there will be more spoilers if you continue or you can skip to the next CHUCK in bold).


They ended up with a huge can it all be rescued cliffhanger?  How far can they go back, who can they save + what will be the cost are the questions fans will have months to consider. If it’s too easy, well, no one will probably mind.  But I think there have to be consequences.  But then I also think I don’t want H.G. gone permanently.  I’d miss the swagger, wink and snark. I think Steve Jinks was a good addition, but Warehouse 13 has never really incorporated Leena in any useful way that develops her character (Season 4 goal, Warehouse 13 people?) so more new characters has its dangers.  But hey, the ride’s been fun so far, let’s see what happens next.


Can’t muster up any Chuck enthusiasm, especially after seeing this season’s kick off episode.  You see, the truly wonderful thing about Chuck is that Zachary Levi is an incredibly gifted physical comedian.  He could do intersect awesome while ninja kicking while at the same time seeming to be moving his leg like that for the first time.  It’s a frikkin gift, Chuck powers that be, and why your show worked.  Just dropping the intersect into Morgan’s head won’t reproduce that.  Now, Joshua Gomez can be funny, but I don’t think this storyline plays to his strengths either.

Good Luck Charlie is doing a road trip Christmas movie.  Wikipedia claims My Babysitter’s A Vampire has been picked up for a second season.  Hope so; enjoyed the humor + the charm.

Blackheart Records released a Spooky Mixtape for Halloween.  Good way to get an introduction to the Blackheart’s bands.  Liked Joan Jett’s Season of The Witch, Girl In A Coma tracks enjoyable, and got to try another Kate Crash song, which fit in nicely.  Also enjoying the new Girl In A Coma album, Exits and All The Rest early, thanks to the Blackheart Brigade.  Try the video for Smart, which I think is my favorite of the songs, although One Eyed Fool is close second.  Mother’s Lullabye grips.  Girl in A Coma has a unique sound and while lyrically, I’m not as drawn in as I am by some other musicians, the sound and voice package makes me think dancing along would be fun.

Quick Comics:

DC 52 in the order I like ’em:  Demon Knights (YES!  Etrigan, rhyming, swords, knights, magic, multiple heroes who are women, etc.),  Batwoman (had to pick it up, good character, GREAT art), Flash (always liked Barry Allen, also great art), Legion of Superheroes, Legion Lost, Justice League International, Blackhawks (gets one more issue).  Not keepers:  Static Shock (sad about this, but too much back story + first person narration), Teen Titans (too angsty, also heavy on 1st person narration + back story).

Love the art on Spider Island:  Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, so different.  It’s great how the names of the martial arts moves are written into the stories as the characters perform them.  I am also always glad to see Iron Fist, one of my favorite characters, used well.

Captain America is out on DVD; looking forward to picking that up and watching it again.  Back to the one DVD a month Netflix plan again; there are movies + episodes of shows I don’t want to buy but do want to see.

And I think that’s it.  Stay safe, have fun and make someone laugh.  Cheers.

  1. Love this!!

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